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Mykonos, the Greek island full of charming corners

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Port of Mykonos

There are countless Greek islands, and each of them surely has its own charm. But there are some that stand out that we have always heard about with great reviews. What we will not miss in these islands will be the Mediterranean charm in everything, in its beaches, in the people and in the coastal towns, so more than one will want to stay and live on these islands. This is why today we wanted to focus on one of them, the mykonos island.

These paradise in the mediterranean They stand out for a reason, which is usually their great beauty, the coastal landscapes, the beaches and the turquoise waters that surround them, although there could be many other reasons. In Mykonos we have a little of all this, in addition to the landscapes of typical Greek houses and many things to see and do to enjoy a very complete vacation in the purest Mediterranean style.

The typical white houses of Mykonos

Balconies in Mykonos

It is another of the most visited islands known as Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. This is a place where you can find the best postcards of the Greek island lifestyle. One of the things to do if you go to this island is to get lost in the small white streets of the old part of the city. It’s a beautiful picture, with labyrinthine streets, white houses with colored balconies which are usually adorned with colorful flowers. We will get tired of taking pictures and more pictures, and on the way we can stop in the countless shops that there are, of artisans and well-known companies, because we must not forget that it is a very touristic island.

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The Little Greek Venice

little venice

Another of the most beautiful images that we are going to see on this island is the so-called Little Venice. This is the lower part of the island, where there are some houses on the waterLike those in Venice. This area is also known as Alevkandra. These are 18th century houses, with colorful balconies and white facades, in the basements of which pirates’ booty was kept. It’s a lively area, with some of the best bars where you can have a drink while admiring the view.

In this neighborhood there are places to stay, but it must be said that their prices are usually quite high, due to the popularity of the place, although they are old buildings. In addition, many artists have settled in this area, so you can enjoy a rather bohemian atmosphere.

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Windmills of Mykonos

Windmills in Mykonos

We will also have to leave some time to visit the famous traditional windmills in the typical prevailing white color, which have become a typical island impression, and they are at the top of the Chora district and in the town of Ano Mero, 8 kilometers from the city. Some of them have been restored and have become museums that can be visited. And the best of all is that in Mykonos we find them at the top, with spectacular views of the sea, so the photos will be the best we have of this vacation.

Museums and archaeological remains

Churches of Mykonos

It is also an island where history is very present. There are many churches and monasteries, but also museums and archaeological discoveries. In this section it is necessary to mention the neighboring island of Delos, easily accessible by boats departing from the port of Mykonos. Most of the archaeological remains of Island Archaeological Museum They come from excavations carried out at Delos. It was an important Greek sanctuary which has been declared a World Heritage Site. Here you can visit places like the Way of the Lions or the Temples of Apollo.

Beaches and parties in Mykonos

The beaches of Mykonos

Despite all the activities and cultural bets that can be found on the island of Mykonos, the truth is that the vast majority of people come to the island for two reasons: its incredible beach and the night parties that make it equal to the other complete islands. young people like Ibiza. Just as the island of Santorini, which we have already discussed, is more focused on honeymoon and family tourism, Mykonos is more oriented towards a young audiencethere are therefore countless beaches that at night become a real party, bars, pubs and discos to explore.

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Much of this nightlife is concentrated in the capital, Chora, where you can enjoy bars and entertainment venues. But it should also be mentioned Playa Paradiso or Paradise Beach. This beach is 6 kilometers from the capital and after five o’clock in the afternoon it becomes a real open-air disco.

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