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My guide to Tokyo, what not to miss

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ikebukuru 1

With that guide tokyo I am finishing my articles on one of the most wonderful countries in Asia. The best seasons to go there are spring and autumn, due to the temperature and the colors of the landscapes, but my next trip will be in the summer next year, so I will talk later about how to live the summer in Japan. Waiting to treat us what we can and should do in tokyothe capital.

We must not let the city intimidate us with its size, its noise and its millions of inhabitants. You have to walk slowly, not get on the Japanese locomotive and let the days pass between wonders and wonders. Write down these tips and you’ll have an unforgettable vacation in Tokyo:

How to get around Tokyo

Trains in Japan

tokyo it has an impressive transport network. For practical reasons I repeat that for me the best option is the Japan Rail Pass, as long as you plan to visit a few more cities. It is that it allows you to use high-speed trains and on average two hours and a little, you can walk around Kyoto or Osaka, for example, or visit Nagoya, Yokohama and other surroundings.

If you are only spending a few days in Tokyo, then there are other options use trains, subways and buses. To get around the center, the best are the JR East trains and the metro. The Yamanote linegreen in color, is undoubtedly the key to everything because it is a circular line that connects many of the most popular districts: Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Shunjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ueno, for example.

Stations in Japan

There are two subway companies, Tokyo Metro and Toei Subways. In total, there are nine lines that mostly concentrate in the inner circle that forms the Yamanote train line. WhatThere are daily passes? Yes, but they tend to be more expensive and don’t cover all of Tokyo, so buying individual tickets is the best option. But if you think that one day you will travel a lot then you can buy:

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  • Free Kipuu in Tokyo: It costs 1590 yen and you can use all subway lines and JR trains in central Tokyo, as well as Toei buses and trams, unlimited. It’s not cheap and you should think about it a lot and calculate how much you’ll be traveling before buying it.
  • Tokyo Sybway Ticket: 24, 48 and 72 hours ago: 800, 1200 and 1500 yen. It is not valid for JR trains and is sold at Narita and Haneda airports and Bic Camera stores only with a passport.

there is also the Tokyo subway 24 hours (600 yen), which allows you to use nine subway lines but not Toei or JR trains, the Toei 1 day pass (700 yen), for the subway, company buses and streetcars only, the Toe & Tokyo Metro One-Day Economy Pass (100 yen), but it’s only useful if you’re a metro heavy user. And finally, the Tokunai Pass For 750 yen they allow you to use JR trains.

Japan Rail Pass

Consider that the 7-day JRP pass costs 29,110 yen. there are also two loaded transport cards. Is the suica and the Astonishment. The Suica is purchased at JR (National Railway Company) stations and the Pasmo at non-JR stations. Personally, I moved a lot in Tokyo with my Japan Rail Pass. I rarely took the subway, sometimes there is no other option, but I paid 300 yen or less per trip.

What to see in Tokyo


This is my list of what yes or yes you must see in Tokyo. It all depends on your reasons for visiting the city. If you like history, if you like manga and anime or simply if you are passionate about Asian culture.

Mandarake shop

If you like the manga and anime (Japanese comics and animations), you cannot miss visiting Akihabara, Harajuku and the Ghibli Museum. Akihabara it is the center of electronics but it is also populated by stores that sell manga and anime. You find everything! There are buildings and buildings with several floors and in each one hides shops that look like a manga/anime supermarket. there are also the maid coffee, cafeterias run by ladies dressed as servants or animated characters. Tokyo Anime Center, Don Quixote, Radio Kaikan, Mandarake, Gamers, Gundam Café, are some of the most popular stores.

Shibuya at night

If you like electronics, you have everything: cameras, cell phones, computers, accessories, the latest, second-hand, good prices, expensive prices. The Yamanote line has a station called Akihabara, so it’s very easy to get there. On the same line, there are some recommendable stations, on the other side of the circle formed by the railway: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuru.

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Shibuya It has that popular, massive crossover that you see on YouTube. You can enjoy it from the Starbucks which is in one of the corners. On the other side is Shibuya station of the Yamanote and the famous hachiko statue, the faithful puppy. It’s a neighborhood for young teenagers so it’s full of people. There are shops, bars and restaurants everywhere. You have Uniqlo, H&M, Forever 21 and the iconic Shibuya 109 building to shop.


Also a few meters away are the Love Hotels or hotels for making love, so it is common to see couples coming and going day and night. And you must visit this area at these two times of the day, without a doubt. I stayed 500 meters from the train station and it was great. In addition, at night it is not noisy so better impossible! another destination is Shinjuku, the best destination to enjoy Tokyo nightlife.


It’s as popular as Shibuya but for me it’s much better. Skyscrapers, people, restaurants, bars everywhere. here is Red light district The biggest in the country and it shows. Kabukicho is the place of partying, pachinko machines, hotels and nightclubs. Dare to go up in an elevator or down a staircase to discover that the party in Tokyo is also happening in the back room, out of sight.

View of the metropolitan building

And during the day you should visit the skyscraper area where there is the metropolitan government building with its free entry vantage point. For that alone, it’s worth going during the day, but the beautiful views are free and that’s important for the tourist. harajuku This is another possible destination, if you like really weird clothes or if you are in your early twenties. It is located between Shibuya and Shinjuku stations and Takeshita Dori is its heart.

A few hours were enough for me to see a lot of things extravagant clothes, many people dressed up and eat a tasty pancake. If you like Hello Kitty, there’s Kiddy Land on Omotesando Street, and if you work in television, you might be interested in visiting the studios of NHK, the state television channel. A sunny day is the yoyogi parkanother place recommended, especially if it’s Sunday because it’s full of these guys dressed as Elvis Presley who dance and are very funny.

tokyo skytree 2

There are two towers in Tokyo that you absolutely must visit: the tokyo tower and Tokyo’s Tree of Heaven. The first is the classic 333 meter high orange tower with two observatories. It is not as high as the second but it is the most classic. It costs 1600 yen to go up to the two observatories. The Tokyo Skywayand is the best, wonderful. I recommend going in the afternoon as the views at sunset are the best. It is 634 meters high and is the tallest building in the country, it has two observatories and it is science fiction in design.

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tokyo sky tree

To get there, you need to go to Asakusa by metro and on foot. Otherwise by bus. Asakusa and its temple are also worth a visit. The tower costs 2060 yen for the first observatory and if you want to go higher, do it! You pay an additional 1030 yen. To get to the tower you have to cross the Sumida River and from there one can take the boats that take you closer to Odaiba, the newest part of Tokyoretrieved from the sea.

Cruise to Odaiba

Personally, it’s not very interesting, but it’s worth it for two things: the boat ride is enchanting (whether in the common or in the strange Himiko), and once there the Life-size Gundam which is wonderful.


You make the return trip by monorail and it’s yet another new experience that offers you new landscapes of the always marvelous Tokyo. For me, these are the places not to be missed. Sure Tokyo has many museums and art galleries. and I didn’t name them, but Tokyo is a city to walk, live, feel and I believe the best way is to always be on the streets.

ueno park

Finally, there are certain activities or places that are linked to the season of the year (the ueno park It’s great in the spring for example), so it’s also going to depend on when you leave what you’re going to do. From all I said the most expensive tours are Odaiba and the Tokyo Skytree climb, the rest depends on what you want to spend.

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