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Meander del Melero, a true quirk of nature

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The meander of Melero has been described as a quirk of nature. You already know that it receives the name of meander turn of any river which leaves a part of land concave and another part convex.

But, speaking of the Melero, the curve formed by the Alagon River it is so sinuous that it almost gives rise to an island. In any case, it creates a unique landscape that blends perfectly with the wild environment and with nature at its best. If you want to visit this jewel of the province of Cáceres, we encourage you to continue reading.

Where is the meander of Melero

As we said, this natural wonder is found in Border of Extremadura with Castilla y León. Specifically, it is located in the Cáceres region of The Hurds. The nearest town is lower riverbelonging in turn to the municipality of Caminomorisco.

Therefore, the best way to access the meander is from Ríomalo. In turn, to get to this city you have two regional roads. If you come from the north, the suitable one is the SA-225while, if you do it from the south, you must take the EX-204. Once in Ríomalo you have a forest track which will take you directly to the meander of Melero.

What to do in the meander of Melero

Logically, the first thing you can do in the meander area is enjoy its beautiful landscape. To do this, the best location point is the viewpoint called the oldfrom where you have a frontal and perfect perspective of this natural wonder.

The Melero meander

Meander of Melero

But your visit to the meander of Melero also offers you many other possibilities. Shortly after leaving Ríomalo de Abajo, you will come across the magnificent natural swimming pool which forms the Ladrilla River, where you can take a relaxing bath.

Animal sighting: bellowing

Then you can follow the path through pines and chestnut trees to reach the aforementioned viewpoint. Once in it, you will not only be able to enjoy the imposing view of the meander. It is also a landmark for spotting species such as the Griffon vulturethe black stork or the booted eagle.

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Likewise, it is not difficult for you to appreciate the watering of deer on the banks of the Alagón. And even, at the right time, it is a magnificent setting to observe the bellow. As you know, it is the name given when the deer is in heat and which coincides with autumn. The males emit guttural sounds and click their antlers to mark their territory, resulting in a unique sight in the wild.

You may also want to descend into the meander itself. In this case, before reaching La Antigua, you have a fork that takes you directly to the base of this natural phenomenon. At this point you can also enjoy a wide panoramic view of the Sierra de Bejar.

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hiking trails

From the town of Ríomalo, several hiking trails will allow you to enjoy the spectacular landscapes that make up the meander and its surroundings. Among them, the call Sidewalk of olive growers. Match the named city with wolves and it has about twenty kilometers. You can not only do it on foot but also by bike and even by car. But, in any case, you can enjoy magnificent coniferous forests.

The Melero

El Melero in the dry season

Another magnificent course is the Fisherman’s Trail. It is much simpler, since it is barely three kilometers long. It goes, precisely, from Ríomalo to the viewpoint of La Antigua and also offers you spectacular vegetation.

Along with the previous ones, you can browse the Chorreón del Tajo Route, which ends with an impressive waterfall; the The Pisa blackberryin which you will find rock carvings such as the petroglyph that gives it its name, and that of The source of the tile. Finally, other activities that you can practice during your visit to the meander of Melero are fishing and the descent by canoe or catamaran. All in an incomparable environment.

A bit of geology: How was the meander formed?

Although the most interesting thing is to enjoy its unique landscape, it is also curious to know how the meander was formed. There are several theories regarding these natural phenomena. But the one associated with geology says that its origin is linked to the obstacles of the terrain. For example, a sandbank. These deviate the current of the river, to avoid them. And erosion does the rest of the work to repair this winding path of water.

When to visit the meander of Melero?

Any time of the year is good for you to come see the meander. However, we advise you to do it during the flood period of the Alagón River, that is spring or fall. The reason is very simple: as the river carries more water, the curve and the islet it almost completes can be better appreciated.

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What to do around the meander of Melero?

As we explained to you, this marvel of nature is located in the heart of the The Hurds and more precisely in the municipality of Caminomorisco. The nearest farm or small rural town is lower riverwhere you can visit the Our Lady of Sorrows Churchwhich houses the image of the Virgin of the same name, patroness of the city.


lower river

But the highlight of these Hurdanian farms is the popular architecture. The houses are built with slate stones and the roofs are made of the same material. According to experts, this way of building houses is linked to the palloza of the northwest of the Peninsula and has a pre-Roman, more precisely Celtic, origin.

On the other hand, in other farms of the municipality of Caminomorisco you can also see interesting monuments. For example in Cambruncino you have the Church of Santa Catalina or Las Lástimasbuilt in the 18th century, which is probably the most important artistic building in the whole region.

In conclusion, the Meander of Melero forms a unique and spectacular landscape, a true whim of nature. And, next to it, you can visit the region of The Hurds, a land in which its traditional architecture stands out. Don’t you feel like traveling in this region of Extremadura? It’s one step away.

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