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Mailuu Suu, one of the most polluted cities

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Normally when we decide to go to a specific destination it is because we want to be impressed by its buildings, monuments, culture and tradition…, but in the case of Mailuu Suu, what stands out the most is the pollution present in this city. In fact, it is quite well placed in the ranking of the most polluted in the world, occupying the position of number 7. This is something that, obviously, no one can be proud of.

The population of Mailuu Suu It continues to live today in what were once its beautiful green valleys, now converted, through human contamination, into extremely hazardous uranium waste dumps and repositories. Moreover, it should be mentioned that the poorest inhabitants live with the polluted river from which not only their animals but also themselves feed, which further accentuates the problem.

Environmental pollution by Mailuu Suu

Mailuu Suu is a city located in Kyrgyzstan, a little-known country that borders the Fergana Valley, the most fertile region in all of Central Asia. In its surroundings there is a total of 23 uranium mines which, although they benefit their neighbors economically, also cause considerable problems for those who live on the banks of the river, next to the uranium waste. As if that were not enough, there is also various scrap heaps with radioactive waste.

Many people eat fish from these waters, exposing themselves to contamination by radionuclides, which could cause very serious illnesses, such as cancer, anemia That is birth defects.

The situation becomes even more difficult in the spring. Because? Well, the reason is that due to the works and its geological situation, landslides occur, something which together with the snowmelt, the uranium tailings contaminants go directly to the Mailuu Suu River . Once there, the population, not only of Mailuu Suu, but also of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, finds itself exposed to a danger that harms its health. In other words, it is no longer a local problem but an international one. One more reason to worry about pollution and climate change.

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Another problem, especially for children, is that on the banks of the river uranium seeps are not visible on the surface. It is in this area that the little ones continue to play alongside the livestock they graze. And since they don’t see each other, it’s like there’s nothing to worry about, when the reality is quite different.

Mailuu Suu, a ticking time bomb

Factories in Kyrgyzstan

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This city has become a ticking time bomb, which could explode at any time, causing one of the biggest, if not the biggest, ecological disaster in Central Asia. Stored ago million cubic meters of radioactive waste that harm people, everyone, be they children, adults or the elderly.

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With a population of 16,953, the most common hazard they face is landslides. In the spring, they are a very common phenomenon. Unfortunately, in addition to material damage, they sometimes cause injuries and even fatal victims.

Although there are retaining walls, erected in an attempt to contain the uranium spill, these they can collapse at any timeWell, as we said, landslides are very common and often 3-4 meters deep.

Why is Mailuu Suu one of the most polluted cities in the world?

Landslides in Mailuu Suu

It all started in 1946, when uranium began to be mined for the former Soviet Union. In 1973 the mines were closed, bury or leave waste underground or piled up in the first place they find, i.e. outside, knowing that uranium is highly toxic. Thus, the inhabitants live in fear that one day a major disaster will occur.

In the past, the Soviet Union was wrong, but the problem continued as the post-communist administration of Kyrgyzstan spent next to nothing trying to find a solution. Following what appears to be gross negligence and recklessness on the part of the authorities, in Mailuu Suu you breathe air whose level of radionic particles exceeds the limits of human tolerance. As if that weren’t enough, too there is a high risk of earthquakessince it is a geologically favorable region.

We just have to wait effective measures are taken so that a tragedy does not occur in which many people could be affected.

Thus, Mailuu Suu has changed from an impressive city, surrounded by clean and pure nature, to a city in which it is not advisable to travel. you can get closer whether the appropriate protection and security measures are taken to prevent your health from being compromised; otherwise you won’t be able to get there.

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Have you heard of this city, the seventh most polluted in the world?

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