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Literary journey through Europe | Travel News

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Literary journey through Europe 2

Today, in tribute to the day that concerns us, the book dayand without leaving aside our passion for travel, we offer you a literary trip to europe hand in hand with books that have been inspired or whose plot takes place in a European corner.

If you like traveling as much as reading, you are in front of one of the most inspiring articles you can find today. Will you give us your hand on this literary journey?

The literary cafes of Madrid

In the city of Madrid and in its corners, emblematic works such as Captain Alatriste by Arturo Pérez Reverte have been inspired, which cross places as well known as the City center vague Villa-InnPassing by main squarethe Church of San Ginés, the Lope de Vega House Museumthe Prado Museumthe Incarnation Monastery and the Captain Alatriste’s Tavern.

However, something more outside the books and closer to the writers we can still find 3 literary cafes where the flower and the cream of our best ancient writers met. These are: the commercial cafe, the Café of the Cercle des Beaux-Arts and the Cafe Gijon. Some of the illustrious participants who left their literary mark for them are: Antonio Buero Vallejo, Camilo José Cela, Antonio Gala, Gloria Fuertes and Benito Pérez Galdós. That is Valley-Inclanamong many others.

Literary journey through Europe

In one of them, more precisely in Café Gijón, the literary prize that bears his name is celebrated every year. A prize awarded to the best novel whose original idea came from the actor and writer Fernando Fernán Gómez, Camilo José Cela or Enrique Jardiel Poncela, among others.

Dublin and its 4 Nobel Prizes

Only the fact that the city of Dublin has given birth to 4 Nobel Prize winners makes it a must visit. If You Don’t Know The Data, These 4 Awards Went To Screenwriters WB Yeats, Samuel Beckett, Seamous Heaney and Bernard Shaw.

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If in addition to these you add two other greats like James Joyce and Oscar Wildebeing the first main “cause” of the Dublin Bloomsday EventIt goes without saying that Dublin deserves to be seen on such a day of said celebration.

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Literary journey through Europe - Bloomsday event in Dublin

The bloom day It is an annual event that has been held on June 16 every year since 1954. Why? It is made in honor of Leopold Bloom, main character of the novel “Ulises” of James Joyce. Those who participate in such an event, on this day, eat and dine in the same way as the protagonists of the work and also perform different acts that have a certain parallel with the novel.

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If you are traveling to Dublin, you should not miss:

  • Dublin’s main thoroughfare: O’Connell Street.
  • Grafton Street pedestrian street.
  • The Temple Bar district, one of the oldest and most charismatic.
  • The old Guinness Storehouse brewery.
  • Dublin Castle, rebuilt due to fire in 1684.
  • The bright Custom House building, built in the 18th century.
  • Your Marine Casino.
  • And its Trinity College University, one of the most prestigious in Europe and the oldest in Ireland.

Saint Petersburg of the novel “Crime and Punishment”

Literary journey through Europe - Saint-Petersburg

In the novel “Crime and Punishment” of the author Fyodor Dostoyevskywe glimpse the landscapes and the alleys that still adorn the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

The author of this novel places Raskolnikov, the main character, in the corners of Stoliarni and Grazhdanskaya, which in the 19th century was called Srednaya Meschánskaya. In 1999, at 19 Grazhdánskaya Street, the high relief Raskolnikov’s housewith a sculpture of the writer and a few steps that remind us that Rodion Románovich’s small bedroom was just below the roof and that we reached it by climbing thirteen steps.

You can also find the Kokushkin Bridgenear other key locations in the novel such as the house of the former pawnbroker whom Raskolnikov kills, the police building, the Voznesensky bridge, where the drunken civil servant Marmeladov is, and the house of his daughter Sónechka, a poor girl who is forced to earn money by running down the street.

In any case, as we locate some of these places, we will be able to see notes and quotes in specific places that will accompany us on the path of “Crime and Punishment”.

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Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk

Literary journey through Europe - Istanbul

The book “Istanbul” it depicts in a panoramic and intimate way one of the most fascinating cities of Europe turned towards Asia. But he does it in a totally autobiographical way, that of the author himself. Orhan Pamuk.

Pamuk portrays Istanbul in his autobiography in a melancholy way, of what was a glorious land in the past but has stagnated and is still trying today to find a place among other major European cities. Old and beautiful buildings in ruins, precious and mutated statues, ghostly villas and secret alleys where, above all, the therapeutic Bosphorus stands out, which in the memory of the narrator is life, health and happiness.
This elegy serves the author to introduce famous painters, writers and assassins, through whose eyes the narrator describes the city. Beautiful portrait of a city and a life, both equally fascinating.

Of must visit in istanbulare the following places:

  • The Santa Sofía church, transformed into a temple, then into a museum.
  • The Blue Mosque.
  • Topkapi Palace.
  • The Galata Tower.
  • Gulhane Park.
  • Taksim square.
  • The Sunken Palace.

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