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Islands in lakes for getaways

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Islands located in lakes

This travel idea is for all those who have always wanted to go, to a place far from everything, not deserted, but far enough to recharge their batteries. Travel to these islands in the lakes It is an excellent idea for the most solitary, those who love trips in which they discover special corners beyond mass tourism.

But that’s just the beginning, since these islands in the lakes are located in very interesting places, with landscapes of great beauty to contemplate. All you have to do is pick one, or the one closest to you, to plan your next island getaway. You might want to browse them all.

Victoria Island in Argentina

Victoria Island

This island is in the nahuel huapi lake, in Argentine Patagonia. This island is now a protected natural park, and is divided into three parts, the central part being the one that can be visited by tourists. Here you can visit the cave paintings made by the natives who once lived on the island. It is undoubtedly one of those islands where you can withdraw to reflect if you are alone, with cliffs, beautiful natural landscapes and volcanic sand beaches. There are a few small buildings to stay in so you can spend more than a day there.

Beaver Island in the United States

beaver island

This island is in the state of Arizona and it is known as the Emerald Isle of America due to the large number of Irish descendants found there. It’s in the famous Lake Michigan, and it’s the largest island in the whole lake, although there are others. In this there are good services, with a small port and beaches, as well as hiking trails, so it is quite an entertaining place, although it does not offer that feeling of solitude that the other islands have.

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Apostle Islands in the United States

Islands of the Apostles

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Now let’s move on to the state of Wisconsin, with the Apostle Islands, which are nothing less than 22 islands They are found in the largest freshwater lake in the world, called Lake Superior. They are called so because there are 12 larger islands, like the apostles. The largest of all, Madeleine, is the only one inhabited. One of the most popular ways to get from one to the other is by boat and even kayak, exploring nature in its purest form. Only for the most adventurous and lonely.

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Taquile Island in Peru

Taquile Island

This island is in the famous Lake Titicaca, and is known as Intika in Quechua. This island was part of the Inca Empire, so you can visit interesting archaeological remains here for those interested in history. It is a small island, just over five kilometers long. If there is something that we must take with us from Taquile, it is its textiles, since textile art is very popular here.

Island of the Sun in Bolivia

the island of the sun

Although it is in another country, this Isla del Sol is located on the same Lake Titicaca as Isla Taquile. It is the largest island in the lake, and in Inca times it was an island where a sanctuary dedicated to the sun god or Inti, hence its name. Here you can walk routes and climb the highest hill, where there is a viewpoint to enjoy the view of the lake. In addition, it has its own archaeological museum.

Samosir Island in Indonesia

Samosir Island

On the island of Sumatra is Lake Tabo, its largest volcanic lake, and inside is this island. An exotic place to go if we go to this destination, and where we will see a different culture and the way of life of its inhabitants, who stay in particular houses with pointed roofs. The craftsmen’s wood and textile work will be something we will have to take home.

Bled Island in Slovenia

Island of Bled

In Europe, some of these islands are also located in calm lakes. This island is located in the lake with which it shares its name. The remains there confirm that it was already occupied in stone Age. The Church of Mary is Baroque in style and dates from the 12th century. Tradition says that for the life of those who are about to marry to be prosperous, the groom must climb the stairs that lead to the church with the bride in his arms . .

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Mainau Island in Germany

main island

This European island is located in the lake constance, in the territory of the city of Constanta. If this island is known for something, it is for its flowers, since it is also called ‘Isla de las Flores’ and it is because it has beautiful gardens, greenhouses and parks. The best time to visit is undoubtedly spring and summer.

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