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How were the pyramids of Egypt built?

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The pyramids of Egypt are one of the great mysteries of the world. It’s something incredible, especially when you listen to the theories that have been woven and continue to be woven around their construction, their builders and their function.

fallen down ? Giant batteries? Extraterrestrial technology or mere superhuman effort? You, what theory about how the pyramids of egypt were built do you assign?

The pyramids of Egypt

If you search for information about the pyramids, you will first find a lot of “academic”, “official” data, which designate them as royal crypts built by pharaohs of this ancient civilization at least a few three thousand years before Christ.

Well, the reality is that many doubt this information, and we know that the academy does not like to doubt itself, so surely you have heard this version a thousand times. The pyramids are actually very close to the city of Cairo, a few kilometers to the south. They rest on the left bank of the Nile. According to ancient beliefs, the west is the kingdom of the dead and the east that of the living.

Besides the pyramids, there is a small group of royal necropolises. The Saqqara plateau was very important for the construction of necropolises, but giza It is undoubtedly the one that challenges us today. It is north of Saqqara, in the suburbs of the Egyptian capital. It is a rocky plateau above the Nile Valley, and the pyramids are only eight kilometers from the Nile.

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How were the pyramids built

The orthodox explanation says that the pyramids were built during the last phase of pyramid building, which included more pyramids than these three we are talking about today and which are the most popular, during the Fourth Dynasty, around the year 2500 BC . step pyramids but with smooth walls: the pyramids of Cheops, Kefren and Micerino.

Without giving any details on the construction techniques, These are all theories among them the one that has the most acceptance is the following: first the constructors they leveled the rocky ground, they dug flood channels to mark the level, and thus gave shape to the horizontal and perfectly flat base. Fill in the grooves the underground chamber was dug Yes they started building.

The huge, heavy blocks of stone were hewn in careers which were very close, and others further south in the kingdom were also transported, using large houseboats. After these blocks they went sledding that with great effort they dragged themselves to their final place. Everything is fine but…

Obviously, it is one thing to explain the construction of the pyramids and another to present the proof that it was indeed so. Was it ramps or was it scaffolding or bleachers? Was it a ramp that gradually increased in height? Was it a lot of ramps?

A few years ago, scientists from University of Liverpool and French Institute of Oriental Archeology they were digging an old quarry at Hatnub and came across the remains of a ramp flanked by two stairways pierced with posts. This observation tips the scales in favor of academicism, but it must be said that alabaster, the quarry is made of this stone, is lighter than the granite with which the pyramids were built, so it sheds some light on the things but the shadows they always make there…

And who worked so long and with so much effort? It was first assumed that thousands of slaves, of course, but later it was said that the builders were free men and as proof is presented the tomb of workmen which has recently been found near the pyramids. Twelve skeletons were found almost three meters deep and this discovery added to one that took place in the 70s when a working village was found with bone remains of cows, thousands and also fish .

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Graves, human bones that show hard work, thousands of animal bones that in turn speak of food for thousands of workers…it all added up and so we have evidence that supports the official version of the construction of the pyramids of Egypt.

Other versions of how the pyramids were built

Before the official version, the one they teach at the faculty and in schools and that you often see in documentaries, there are others. If you ask me, well, I don’t have certainties and I like to ask myself questions. It’s hard to imagine thousands upon thousands of people working for years moving huge blocks of stone, polishing faces to a modern polish…I’m not saying the man is not not capable of wonders, but why can’t we ask ourselves if there wasn’t something else?

The fact that we are talking about pyramids is a good starting point to make us new questions: There are pyramids all over the world, which could mean that at one time there was a common civilization in which pyramids played an important role. On another side, no mummy has been found inside the pyramids and the internal design is extremely rare. It is even known that the name of Cheops found at the beginning of the 20th century on one of the interior walls was written by the English explorer who managed to enter.

I don’t know, it’s hard to imagine so much devotion or so much perfection with the tools of the time. It is not known how they were built and it is not known how they achieved such perfection in cutting and polishing these huge and heavy blocks of red granite. And how did they pick them up and place them on top of each other? That is. And the pyramidion from the tip, this solid granite top covered with metal? That is.

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I’m not thinking of extraterrestrials, although that’s an interesting idea, but I can imagine some knowledge inherited from an advanced Earth civilization that got lost in the mists of time. Does the myth of Atlantis ring a bell? I don’t know if it has that name, but why not think that at some point there was an advanced civilization, maybe not as advanced as ours but in a different way, with technology capable of build everything that has come down to us in megalithic form?

Because the pyramids are not the only gigantic constructions in the world. And if we look for the cosmogonies of many civilizations, there are more coincidences than disagreements. I have heard everything and everything interests me. have you heard about the theory that the Great Pyramid is a kind of cell or battery? A group of researchers from ITMO University in Saint Petersburg, Russia, confirmed that under certain conditions, the Great Pyramid is able to concentrate electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers and under the base.

If radio waves are applied to the structure, and if the length of this wave resonates with the dimensions of the pyramid, the pyramid itself is a channel of radiation. The wavelength of 200 to 600 meters resonates with the pyramid and these researchers, using a mathematical model, were able to measure the response of the building and in what proportion the energy is reflected or absorbed at the time of the resonance.

More theories, less theories, hopefully one day we will really know who built the pyramids, how and for what purpose. On each of these points there are hypotheses, more or less solid, with sharpened and detractors, but it would be good to have no doubts and facts!

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