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How to travel by motorhome | Travel News

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Have you ever thought about traveling by motorhome? Enjoying the trip independently, stopping at great places, being a kind of turtle or snail on vacation with the house in tow? Many people have or have had this dream, so today we are going to talk about how to travel by motorhome

Your first trip like this may be a journey into the unknown, so there are a few things to know before embarking on this fantastic adventure.

Motorhomes and caravans

The original motorhome dates back to the late 19th century when transport was still horse-drawn, but later Around the 1920s motorized motorhomes began to appear.. Those who could have these cars were wealthy people because they had to be made to order. It was the American company Campingcar which, at the same time and using a Ford car as a base, thought of the first motorhome for tourist use.

After the Second World War and together with the growth of tourism modern motorhomes began to appear on the roads of the world. Surely each of us has the Volkswagen Kombi in mind, but the truth is that other brands have also embarked on this adventure of combining car and home in the same vehicle.

How to travel by motorhome

Today, as we continue to suffer from Covid-19 traveling by motorhome has gained ground. Because? Well it’s the best when it comes to maintain social distance and manage our own affairs without sharing almost anything.

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How to travel by motorhome | Travel News

Have you ever thought about traveling by motorhome? Enjoying the trip independently, stopping at great places, being a kind of Read more

Traveling by motorhome is a real adventure and a great way to discover our country or neighboring countries. We reconnect with nature, we discover magnificent or rare places that we would never know otherwise, we move away from the most touristic routes, we do more what we want. And if we are traveling with children or animals, much better than arguing with hotels or hostels.

There is a series of Questions to ask yourself before you travel So. In the first place, What type of caravan should I rent or buy? It all depends on your budget and the caravan size what are you thinking about. There are small caravans that weigh no more than 750 kilos and together with the car or van reach 3,500 kilos. There are also heavier caravans and the weight is something you need to be aware of as it depends on your driving license or registrationWhat does this allow?

If the idea is to have a caravan, hitch it to your car and go out when and where you want, then the best option is a tourist caravan and not static. Static is handy if you go to the same place every year because it can’t be carried by your car. At the time of purchase, Is it used or new? Difficult question…

In general, motorhome beginners opt for one used as first purchase. They are cheaper and they teach how things are without spending a lot of money. And also, with children or animals if the caravan is used you will not have so much stress that they break or damage something super new. Of course, it is convenient to check some questions: eye with moisturecaravans are not used all year round and can therefore accumulate humidity. So pay close attention to the edges of doors, windows and ceilings.

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It also doesn’t hurt to check for broken locks and also check that it has not been stolen. You never know, especially if you buy it used from an individual. Another thing to keep in mind is to get, if possible, the history of technical services vehicle: brakes, engine, electrical problems and others.

Ultimately,what basic things should you have my first motorhome? Shower, bathroom, hotplates, sink, hotplates, refrigerator, microwave oven, storage space and between two and six bunk beds. This information is valid both for the caravan that I connect to the car and for the motorhome.

Tips for traveling by motorhome

The first thing to consider is that Driving a car is not the same as driving a car towing a caravan or driving a motorhome. There is another stability, another braking distance, the vehicle is longer, higher and heavier. It is also more affected by crosswinds and this makes it more unstable on uneven surfaces. It also consumes more fuel, so it is convenient to regulate the speed. Is there a lot of new information? Then you can always take a course.

A piece of advice given by many is thatThe first trip is with a rental motorhome/caravan and then yes, if the experience was fantastic and you know firsthand how things are, go out and buy yours. The investment is important, not only in the vehicle itself but also in its equipment: camping chairs, kitchen utensils, batteries, flashlights, beds and even taxes.

Are you confused by the terms of motorhome and caravan? Are different. The caravan is usually a vehicle without its own propulsion that is attached to the car, while a motorhome is the truck that has become a mobile home. For such a first trip, everyone recommends the first option: becoming a road snail.

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The size of the motorhome/caravan depends on the size of the family traveling. It’s not the same if you’re alone or with a partner than if you’re traveling with family and pets. There are super chic caravans and others that are very simple. It’s also a good idea to sign up for a motorhome club to receive advice and guide on absolutely everything that has to do with this world. And this information is very valuable because it is not just about storing food and refueling, nothing else.

When traveling by motorhome there questions to consider like where to store the potable waterwhere to evacuate waste water, how to transport gas, first aid box, bathroom chemicalssocket adapters, spare wheel, tables and chairs, tools for home and car, electric heating, TV, cutlery and plates, accessories for the grill, shoes for walking inside the caravan and not dirty, gloves and even more …

With all that ready, you’re off on an adventure. And once there, you should know that you can’t park just anywhere. There are caravan camps with facilities that will be super practical. So, it is advisable to learn a little about it to have everything planned. Dream, plan and enjoy, that’s what it’s all about. Good luck!

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