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Genoese beach

The Genoveses beach in Cabo de Gata It usually appears in lists of the best sandy areas in the province of Almeria and even the whole Andalusian region. Nothing could be more accurate, since it is a beautiful beach with fine sand and intense blue waters.

But it also belongs to Cabo de Gata-Níjar Maritime-Terrestrial Natural Park. And it is a beach located in the area of Campillo de Genoves, where there are hardly any buildings or roads. It is therefore a virgin sandbank that has retained all its beauty over time, something very difficult on the Spanish tourist coast. For your visit, we will explain everything you need to know about the Genoveses beach in Cabo de Gata and we will also tell you about its surroundings.

Where to find Genoese beach

Genovese Creek

The Calanque of the Genoese

We have already given you some information so that you can locate this beach. But we are going to specify more to explain to you that it is one step away from Cape of Gata very close to the best known monsul beach. It is therefore one of the most visited places on the coast of Almeria.

It is also very close to the town of Saint Joseph and, already inward, from Well of the Brothers. But the most important thing is that we tell you about the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Maritime-Terrestrial Natural Park, to which Genoveses beach belongs, as we have already told you. This nearly fifty thousand hectare wonder of nature includes beautiful coastal scenery as well as other inland scenery. As for its land, it is of volcanic origin and is one of the most arid places in all Europe. But its more than sixty kilometers of coastline are also home to cliffs of immense beauty and seabed of incalculable ecological value.

All this without forgetting some of the marvelous landscapes it offers you. For example, Cabo de Gata itself or the so-called mermaids reef, a set of capricious rock formations. In addition, this natural space is home to more than a thousand terrestrial species and some two hundred and fifty marine species. Many of them are endemic to the region and are of enormous value. For example, the ocean posidonia between the second and the small dandelion among those of the earth, if we speak of the flora.

How to get to Genoveses beach in Cabo de Gata?

The Genoese

Panoramic view of Genoveses beach

You can get to the sandbar by car, but we do not recommend doing so. Because in summer road traffic is restricted to preserve the ecological value of the area. There is also a bus which brings you from San José, not only to this beach, but also to the neighboring one of Monsul Yet the Crescent Cove.

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But it is better that you leave your vehicle in the villa of Saint Joseph which is about forty kilometers from the city of Almeria. Then you only have to walk about three times along a dirt road which also shows you unique windmills. From there you will go on a path of sand dunes and wild flora from where you will have a great view of the cove and the spectacular Morron of the Genoese a volcanic elevation about eighty-five meters high that dominates the landscape.

On the other hand, we have already told you that it is a almost virgin beach. Therefore, if you want to spend the whole day there, you better bring your food, because there are no restaurants or beach bars nearby. The closest are in San José itself.

How is it and when to go to this beach?

Morron of the Genoese

The Morron of the Genoese

Genoveses beach is flat and has about one thousand two hundred meters long and fifty wide. Its waters are calm and clean, while its sands are fine. And, behind, there is a set of dunes that have typical vegetation of the natural park where it is located. Concretely, there are many prickly pear The agaves and the pita.

We have already told you that on one side of the sandbar there is the Morron of the Genoese, which surrounds it. On the other hand, on the other hand, this function is performed by the so-called Ave Maria Hill. Both can be reached by walking along paths and enjoying magnificent views of the Almeria coast.


Although it is not a nudist beach, it is common to find people practicing naturism. They are usually found at the northern and southern ends of the sandbar, while the central part is reserved for those who wear bathing suits.

On the other hand, any time is good to visit this beautiful beach in the province of Almería. The climate of the region is good all year round. Therefore, in spring and early autumn the weather is pleasant and allows you to bathe in its waters.

However, the best season to enjoy the beach is, logically, summer when temperatures are higher. It is also true that this is the time when it receives the most visitors, so you can find a lot of people. For all these reasons, perhaps the best months to enjoy Genoveses beach are june and september.

The name and its role as a film set

Ave Maria Hill

Ave Maria Hill

Out of curiosity, we will tell you that this sandy area is called Playa de los Genoveses because two hundred ships from this Italian republic arrived there in the 12th century. They came to help Alfonso VII of Leon in their fight against the Muslims. In fact, the flag of the city of Almería shares shape and color with that of Genoa.

Another anecdotal fact, that of the beach as a film set. The role played by the province of Almeria in cinematography is well known, with the shooting of western films, mainly in the Tabernas Desert. But it is less well known that places like Genoveses beach have been chosen for films with an Arab setting. Some films that have been shot there belong to this genre, such as the wind and the lionof John Milius. But, without a doubt, the most famous was Lawrence of Arabia masterpiece of David Lee in which we saw Peter O’Toole Already Omar Sharif rolling through its sands.

Likewise, out of curiosity, we will also tell you that at the foot of this beach you can see an ancient Spanish Civil War bunker. It is not in a very good state of conservation, but it will surely surprise you.

The Surroundings of Genoveses Beach

Saint Joseph

San José, the closest town to Los Genoveses beach in Cabo de Gata

To end our visit to this wonderful beach in Almería, we will tell you about what you can find in its surroundings. So very close you have the Moor islet, a small town of white houses and fishing boats stranded on the sand. Don’t miss the views of the islet that gives it its name or those offered by the Amethyst Lookout.

On the other hand, you have the small town of Saint Joseph, which we have already talked about several times. Also, its small whitewashed houses and its tourist services stand out, with a good number of bars, restaurants and shops. There was a castle in the town which was built in the 18th century, but after the Independance War was left in ruins and later a Civil Guard barracks was built on the site.

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Likewise, from San José leave several hiking trails which will allow you to enjoy both the beautiful natural park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar and the coastal landscapes of Almería. A good example of them is the one that reaches The stones barely seven kilometers long.

More important than the preceding is the locality of nijar, which is part of the network of the most beautiful villages in Spain. It was founded by the Arabs in the 13th century, which can be seen walking through the steep, narrow streets of its beautiful old town. Also note in this Gate Passage one of the gates of the old wall.


Historic Center of Nijar

We advise you to visit in Níjar the beautiful Mudejar Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation and the construction of city ​​hall, which is located in the Plaza de la Glorieta. But also in the surroundings of this beautiful village you have a lot to see. Thus, in the beautiful district of Egg with its whitewashed houses and its 17th century church, you have the remains of a castle classified as a property of cultural interest.

The best preserved is the San Felipe Castle, in Los Escullos, also built in the 17th century. They are not the only ones in the region. You can also see the Saint Pierre That is San Ramon As coastal watchtowers like Calahiguera, Los Lobos or Vela Blanca.

Finally, in The Barranquette you have a necropolis and in Rodalquilar nail former mining of the 19th century. This set includes several mines and mineral processing plants, as well as an entire city, that of San Diego. To this same period belongs the Isabel II Reservoir inaugurated in 1850.

In conclusion, we have explained everything you need to know about the Genoveses beach in Cabo de Gata. Finally, we would advise you that, in addition to enjoying it, you come to visit the beautiful and historic city of Almeria Founded by Abderraman III in the 10th century, isn’t that an interesting plan?

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