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How to dress in Dubai | Travel News

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The United Arab Emirates they are a group of emirates and among them is Dubai. For some time it has become very popular for its constructions that defy the imagination and for having one of the biggest and most fantastic airports in the world, so also It has gained a lot of tourism.

But Dubai is a Muslim country, touristy and international as it has become, so there are certain ways of dressing that must be respected. Today we are going to meet them, so the article is about how to dress in dubai


As I said, the emirate, whose capital is the city of the same name, is on the coast of the famous and rich Persian Gulf. An arm of the sea penetrates and crosses the city. This proximity to the sea meant that in the past the inhabitants of these lands devoted themselves to the cultivation and trade of pearls. Due to its location, even long before the discovery of oil, it was a coveted territory so knew to have been in British hands for 200 years.

He was in the 1960s when the emirate discovered its rich oil fields and a decade later he joined others in shaping the United Arab Emirates. How is your current government? It’s a constitutional monarchy. It does not have many inhabitants and today most of its population is foreignpeople who live there for business or immigrants who work in construction and other services.

Dubai does not have as much oil as its neighbors, so yes or yes it plans to diversify its economic activity, which is why it has invested heavily in promoting tourism.

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How to dress in Dubai

We go back to the beginning: it is a Muslim emirate so those who have more complicated are western women accustomed to walking around in comfortable, light clothing in the warmest climates.

It is also true that no two Muslim countries are the same and that sometimes in one or the other the rules are more lax, especially for foreigners. Basically, until you see what the ruler looks like, you should be prepared to cover your arms and legs and your head in some places. In other words, wear long sleeves, long pants and a large handkerchief always at hand.

Now the city of Dubai is a modern city and not so closed when it comes to clothes, after all there are a lot of foreigners. Thus, you will see all kinds of clothes, from shorts to full burkas. Next, in hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, places where it is possible to meet locals and foreigners, it is be respectful and cover ankles and shoulders.

If you don’t intend to follow the old adage “wherever you go do what you see” These are the places where you will have the least problems. Especially if you are traveling outside of Ramadan. If you decide to go out to dinner in a more elegant place, you must dress appropriately for the occasion.

And the beach? Good beachwear is only worn on the beach. Here, it is impossible to do what is usually done in seaside destinations, that of wearing a bathing suit all day or spending the whole day in flip-flops. Now on the beach you can wear one piece swimsuit, bikini... both on the beach and in swimming pools as well as in water parks. Obvious, no nudism or flip flops.

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But out of these placesthat is to say if you are walking in the oldest district of Dubai, if you visit the traditional markets or a mosque then you must be careful. And it is that immediately you will not feel in your world but abroad. The local people and their customs will surround you very soon, so you must be respectful. If you want to avoid stares or comments, which you may not understand but will do the same to you, better be careful.

In case of going visit a mosquesome allow visits from non-Muslims, both men and women must go with their legs and arms covered. Some even have extra clothes, in case you don’t leave the hotel dressed like that.

Now another popular destination in Dubai is the desert. There are many desert tours and it is better that you do one because they are great. In this case, it is always advisable to wear trousers, shorts or capri pants (also ones that you can remove half of the leg), and a muscle top, t-shirt or shirt. And of course, sunscreen and hat.

During the day, the desert is very hot and wearing clothes that cover you is the best option for do not suffer burns. It can get cold, it depends on the time of year, you can even go at night, so it’s a good idea to bring close the shoes.

If women can’t show chest, arms and thighs, men can’t walk shirtless either, or in very short shorts or swimsuit that simulates one. No miniskirts, short shorts, tops, transparencies, no hint of underwear. And above all, don’t get angry if they catch your eye.

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What is the point of discussing the dress code or the morals of a culture that is not ours? We’re not going to change anything and we’re just passing on, so if we offend someone by mistake and they catch our eye, it’s a good idea to apologize. Nobody wants to involve the police, so at least have the right attitude.

So, summarizing the the most basic points on how to dress in Dubai: en los espacios públicos más populares las mujeres no tienen porque cubrirse la cabeza, sí en las mezquitas, deben cubrirse los hombros hasta, al menos, las rodillas, nada de minifaldas, las camisetas deben tener mangas cortas, sí se puede usar bikini, jeans , even though nothing too revealing. Yes at night, but always with a coat close at hand to cover what is on display. In more traditional areas, the more covered you walk the better, the same if you go into a state building.

And the men? They have it easier, but it’s still handy to know a few things: they can walk in not very short shortseven if it is not usual, and yes they must be lazyno cycling wave, sportswear if you do sports, otherwise it’s not correct, if you go to a mosque you have to wear long pants…

Is there anything wrong if I don’t respect any of this? You can spend receiving some harsh commentgoing through a bad look until you have to take care of policeman and the jail.

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