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History PRAGUE Astronomical CLOCK

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Prague tourism in the Czech Republic

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and its beauty, magical atmosphere and cultural richness leave no tourist indifferent. If you plan to leave soon, try to be more or less clear about the route you are going to follow, because the offer is so wide that it is necessary to organize good to see as much as possible, in fact, I recommend you check out some of our guides on what to see in Prague, so that you can discover the essential points of your visit. In this list, without a doubt, it would be included the city’s astronomical clock one of its most representative jewels. In this article, we are going to reveal the legend that surrounds this amazing work of art.

History Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock is one of the most precious treasures of the Czech Republic. He was built in 1410 for him master watchmaker Hanus, its technical level and its extraordinary beauty surprised the society of the time and made it known all over the world. This masterpiece, in addition to telling the time, measure moon phases has a very specific schedule and is adorned with animated characters which move each time the clock strikes the hour.

Prague Clock Figures

The Walk of the Twelve Apostles

When the clock strikes the hours, tourists gather in front to watch the show. The upper windows of the watch open and the figures of the twelve apostles parade looking at them as if they had a life of their own.

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There are four additional digits who are after 1945. These also join the movement, each represents an allegory:

  • The death, represented by a skeleton. He pulls a rope marking the beginning of the parade and holds an hourglass representing the time we have left until the accounts are settled.
  • a turkish prince accompanied by a lute, represented lust.
  • a jewish merchant which represented greed. He has a bag of money which he waves when the clock strikes.
  • vanity represented by a man looking at himself in the mirror.

Another curiosity is that all these characters make the same movement with their head, all except Death. As the Turkish prince, the Jewish merchant, and the conceited nod, Death nods, declaring that she has the last word and that, even if they disagree, their time is up.

History of the Prague Clock

The Legend of the Prague Astronomical Clock

The uproar caused by the clock at that time made the citizens of Prague proud, and even there were those who traveled thousands of miles to visit which was a unique piece in the world.

According to legend, an aristocrat fascinated by the abilities of Hanus, offered a large sum of money to make an identical watch for him in a German city. Prague’s councilors saw the status the city had attained threatened by the possession of such an exclusive and they tried to persuade him not to accept the offer. But the professor did not give his arm to wring, and one night while working in his studio, three men entered They dragged him to the fireplace and, to prevent him from duplicating the clock, they burned his eyes with a hot iron.

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Hanus’ physical and mental condition was getting worse, no one suspected who could be responsible for the attack. Neighbors and the councilors themselves came regularly to see him, and one day, during one of these visits, his apprentice, Jakub Cech, heard how the leaders confessed to being the masterminds of the attack.

The professor, indignant and furious, hatched a plan to turn off the clock and get revenge for what they had done to her. He asked the councilors for permission to go to the clock, saying he wanted to hear his machine one more time before he died. Eventually they accepted. That day, Hanus and the apprentice visited the clock and the professor put his hand inside the machinery cut it and thus destroying the complex mechanism which he himself created.

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Hanus died that night and it took them a long time before they could repair the clock. According to legend, since the death of the master, the clock is cursed and the fate of Prague depends on its proper functioning. If the clock stopped running, bad luck would come to town.

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