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Views of the Sierra de Madrid

Is there good weather? Well, you have to be outside and enjoy it! Yes, you can also do something if you live in Madrid, the big cities have places to do it, it’s a matter of knowing them and knowing how to take advantage of them.

The calls Sierras of Madrid form a mountain range near the capital whose correct name is Sierra de Guadarrama and today we will see what to see here.

Sierra of Madrid

Cities of the Sierra de Madrid

Although everyone calls it series of mountains the correct name is Sierra de Madrid. the mountains are shared by the provinces of Ávila, the Community of Madrid and Segovia. If you don’t want to or can go far away on vacation and like to be outdoors, then this is the ideal destination.

You can swim and get wet in the natural pools, go for walks, picnic and much more. And it’s a great destination for families because children like to move a lot. Well, your little ones might be very connected to their screens, so taking them out for a bit is also a really good idea.

Let’s go in parts: The misnamed Sierra de Madrid can be divided into Sierra Oeste, Sierra de Guadarrama and Sierra Norte.

Sierra de Guadarrama

view of the Sierra de Guardarama

The Sierra de Guadarrama is a series of mountains that are part of the eastern half of the central system of the central Iberian Peninsula. It covers the provinces of Madrid, Avila and Segovia. They will be about 80 kilometers long and the Peñalara is its highest peak with 2428 meters above sea level.

The saw divides the Duero and Tagus basins and it is a land that abounds with meadows, wild pines and rocky areas. This just 60 kilometers from Madrid and that’s why there are a lot of people. It has good infrastructure tourism and mountain sports, so always pay attention to the environment. here there are two nature reserves: the Cuenca Alta de Manzanares Regional Park, covering 47,000 hectares and Biosphere Reserve since 1991.

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The park is along the Manzanares River and in La Pedriza. Another park is Summit of Peñalara, natural park of the circus and lagoons. It has 768 hectares and is in the center of the mountains. This is where we find the peak of Peñalara and a group of lagoons of glacial origin such as the Laguna Grande de Peñalara, the Laguna Chica, that of the Carnations, that of the Birds… There is also the Guardarma National Parkecosystem protection project.


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Views of the Sierra de Guadarrama 2

The sierra has many “mountain passes”, many of which are over 1800 meters high, and many other tourist centers. The oldest is the Port of Fuenfría, already used by the Romans when they traveled through these lands. We can name the Puerto de Navacerreada, Puerto de Cotos or La Morcuera, just to name a few. Also there are waterfalls, rivers and reservoirs.

Of course this pretty saw too It has towns: La Hiruela, Patones de Arriba, Puebla de la Sierra, Pradena del Rincón, El Berrueco, Montejo de la Sierra and a few others. There are cities with a history like San Lorenzo del Escorial That is Miraflores de la Sierra and sites declared natural heritage such as La Pedriza or the Hayedo de Montejo. La Hiruela is very traditional, with many interesting hiking trails, Patterns It’s super scenic and therefore very photographed, in El Berrueco there is the El Atazar reservoir.

Landscapes of the Sierra de Guadarrama

Among what we can do around here, we can also know the civil war bunkers follow the Route of the Arcipester of Hita, visit the Escorial and climb the chair of Felipe II, also climb Monte Abantos or ride a burricleta in Manzanares el Real.

Western Sierra

Peaks of the Sierra West

It is one of the regions of the Community of Madrid and is located in the southwestern part. This way the Perales and Alberche pass and there is very varied landscapes because the altitude varies from 500 to 1500 meters above sea level.

The Sierra Oeste is located between the last of the Sierra de Guardarama and the first sectors of the Sierra de Gredos. There are forests of conifers and chestnut trees, cork oaks and holm oaks, for example. It rains a lot all year round, although less in the summer, and if you go in the winter, be prepared for cold weather and the occasional frost and snow.

The Western Sierra It is the land of Cenigentes, Aldea de Fresneo, Comelnar del Arroyo or Navas del Rey, among other municipalities. Here you can cycle through the Alberche, for example, or visit the San Juan Reservoir and do activities, visit wineries, have fun at the Pelayos de la Presa adventure park, visit the medieval bridge of Valdemaqueda, the beautiful Enchanted Forest in San Martín de Valdeiglesias or the Center of Nothingness in Robledo de Chavela.

Northern Sierra

Picturesque canyon in the Sierra Norte

It is located at the northern end of the Community of Madrid and has a total of 1,253 square kilometers in 42 municipalities. The Lozoya River passes through here, which has five tanks and is therefore the main water supply for the community. Inside this mountain there are many valleys (Lozoya Valley, Jarama Valley, Sierra de la Cabrera and others).


This way cereals, olive groves and vineyards are cultivated and there are beautiful forests of pines and oaks, hazels, elms, ashes, junipers and holm oaks. It has always been known as a “poor mountain range”, dedicated to agriculture and livestock, but for some time tourism has been developing, gaining importance and promotion.

In the Sierra Norte you can swim in the Natural pools of Las Presillas visit the Monastery of Santa Maria de El Paular follow here the Itinerary Los Robledos discover the Finnish forest, the purgatory waterfall take bike rides around the Pinilla Reservoir or take a canoe trip.

Landscapes of the Sierra Norte

How to get to Sierra Norte? From Madrid, the main road is the A1 motorway. It’s 50 kilometers away. Bilbao is 300 and Burgos 150. Always by car, but you can also use the bus. It has a good, very comprehensive web page to visit and take note of before embarking on the adventure.

Finally, beyond these destinations within the so-called Sierra de Madrid, which, as we have said, is wrongly called that way, we can visit some destinations in neighboring provinces. I’m talking about Pierreone of the most beautiful towns in Segovia and Spain, skiing at La Pinillado the Route of the Black Villages of Guadalajara, practice Trek much more.

The truth is that near Madrid there are many tourist options.

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