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Flag of Wales, the story of its dragon

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wales flag

Has anyone ever wondered why a dragon appears on the Welsh flag? Many stories can be woven to explain the matter; whether they are true or not, the same story will reveal it.

The important thing in all of this is that the Welsh flag already has its symbol, the Draco GoshWelsh dragon or red dragon, and is Britain’s most famous.

History of the Welsh flag

Welsh flag dragon

The wales flag legend It alludes to a red dragon still in combat with a white dragon who was the villain of the story.

The problem begins to deepen when it is verified that the noises emitted by the dragons in their incessant fights were harmful for the people. How? Well, the results were that those affected ended up becoming sterile beings, without offspring.

The king of Great Britain at that time was Llud and he, motivated to find a solution to the problem in question, decided to seek the help of Llefelys, his brother. Llefelys was a character of great wisdom and faced with the problem, he responded with a solution.

The two brothers dig a hole in the center of Britain and fill it with an intoxicating liquid and so, after the dragons have drunk, they can put an end to the plan of get rid of them. The dragons fall into the trap, in Snowdonia in the north of the country.


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They remain in captivity for centuries. Time moves on and when the new king Vortigen builds a large castle, the continuous movements coming from below the bases cause the king to discover the dragons.

King Vortigen decides to consult Merlin and he advises him to free the dragons. After many centuries deprived of freedom, the dragons continue their fights, worse this time of a decisive nature, where the winner was the red dragon, the one who fought to defend the lands.

From this event, the red dragon became the Welsh flag symbol.

The flag of Wales, a symbol of pride

Welsh flag waving

For the Welsh, it is a pride to see the red dragon on their national flag, this fantastic animal which is accepted in the feelings of the population, which is why its popularity.

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There are those who believe that the red dragon is a symbol of the Welsh dweller for despite the circumstances, he always rises with his head held high to finish what has not been finished or has been interrupted. The legend persisted over time and materialized in the national flag.

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