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Find 5 Spiritual RETREATS in MADRID

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The modern world is really stressful and sometimes we feel like there is no escape, or we have to give up everything and go away. Only when that is not possible, what tools do we have to find refuge within ourselves? Well, getting away from the cheering crowd for a while helps a lot and if we add a bit of meditation it’s even better.

Meditation is a practice to train the mind, relax, generate internal energy and good emotions. All religions have some form of meditation and momentary withdrawal from noise, but if you don’t know how to do it, here are some Spiritual Retreats in Madrid.


The idea of ​​this company is that its customers can rest and relax for a few days through the yoga and mindfulness, always aiming to achieve an emotional balance. Thus, it offers holidays, days of yoga, personal development and well-being.

You can find centers in Valencia, Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid. The site is very convenient and you can choose the location and type of retreat. For example, the 3-day retreat in Guadarrama has a reduced price of 270 euros. There is another 5-day one which offers body meditation for 620 euros, one dedicated to men’s eroticism for three days for 340 euros or even one called the Shiva games which lasts four days.

There is also yoga retreat in the Sierra de Madrid that can last from 2 to 30 days male-only retreats, silent retreats, ayahuasca retreats or Vipassana meditation retreats dedicated absolutely to introspection.

Life Changing Travel Center

The director of this center is Félix Cuéllar, coach pedagogue, specialist in emotional intelligence and technician of the businesses and tourist activities of the center. Supporting young people and families on the path to success self-esteem, maturity and motivation to live. I worked with a group of other professionals responsible for courses, workshops and retreats.

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Today it also offers a series of retreats dedicated to people diagnosed with cancer and they don’t know what to feel except fear, insecurity and a lot of anxiety. The idea is that those who participate can manage these emotions and discover other more positive ones, in a beautiful environment, in the open air, with walks that can release stress.

This particular retreat lasts three days and two nights and is led by two women who have lived through the disease. During the weekend it is about participating in emotional management workshops, practicing mindfulness, breathing and visualization with aromatherapy, a sound journey and, as I said before, a great natural environment.


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The center also offers spiritual journeys and family journeys.

Conscious World Center

The leitmotif of this center is “learning to be happy”, it is open all year round and operates every day of the week, open to its participants to stay as long as they wish. The center offers different types of retreats, but basically all of them include yoga, meditation, human relations, emotional management, mindfulness, biodanza, tantra, immersion in nature and body expression.

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Retirement It is in the Natural Park of Gredoswhere you can hear birdsong or there are baths in streams, rivers and pools and walks among century-old trees, but you can also organize a fully personalized program focus on individual needs. The objectives of all these offers relate to relieve stress improve personal and couple relationships, awaken body sensitivity, develop emotional intelligencel, find out what gifts we have and so on.

Retreats at this center last as long as you wish.. There is a space of coworking where you can even work from, so you can think of short stays of one or two weeks, medium stays of two weeks and long stays of a month, two months or a sabbatical year.

Mindfulness, Yoga and art Therapy Retreat

This withdrawal option is also in Madrid and it is a personal development retreat in contact with nature. It’s a weekend where the issue of boundaries, self-care and compassion are discussed. Throughout mindfulness meditation, humanistic art therapy and yoga.

The idea is to learn a bit about how to stop treating yourself harshly and rigidly and how to deal with difficult emotions. Yoga will help tolerate the discomfort of physical and mental relaxation, and non-verbal creative therapies will help balance the cerebral hemispheres.

This particular retreat will take place on Saturday June 15 from 9 a.m.. Depending on capacity, the site will be decided once registration is complete, although it is known that all possible sites have shared rooms for three or four people. You enter on Saturday and leave on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. The price is 200 euros and the reservation is 50, but it is deducted from the total price of the workshop.

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transformational journeys

Here are offered exclusive retreats for self-knowledge and awakening. The idea is to heal, to take responsibility and to be reborn, to transform again. They are offered in various corners of Spain, but today we are focusing on Madrid so the retreat is offered here in the Sierra de Gredos.

The date is at the inn of silence. The price is 695 euros per person for the first six registered, then rises to 795 euros. The price is per person in a double room with its own bathroom. The single room has a difference of 100 euros.

This retreat includes yoga classes, Ayurveda training, self-knowledge practices, transformational coaching sessions, nature walks (mindfulness hiking), and vegetarian boarding. The idea is to experiment and go through a process of personal observation and self-inquiry which includes silence, group sessions, meditation, Ayurveda, yoga and sharing experiences with others.

The goal is to return home transformed, with better and greater physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. You dare? He is from September 6 to 11.

In fact, in Madrid there are many retirement offers, you just have to cheer yourself up. Maybe you can start with a weekend retreat and if you like it a lot, encourage yourself to spend a longer period. The world is not going to change in our favor, but we can.

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