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Do you want to take care of wild animals in Thailand?

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Pet sitting in Thailand

Many people are currently aware of the importance of human action to save the planet and that animals can live serenely and in peace. We are seeing more and more that hunting is valued as a sport or that there is abuse of animals for human consumption. People are part of this planet and for this reason we must be grateful for our existence by taking care of the environment and the animals that inhabit it.

This is why there are people who, when they have the possibility of spending their free time helping other living beings (who like us) have the right to live with dignity, do not think about it. In this sense, if you are one of those people who understand that animals have the same right to live in their habitat, in Thailand you will have the opportunity to take care of wild animals.

The experience will change your life, and it is that animals, in addition to being living beings like us, are great masters of the simplicity of life. Wild animals and human beings should live together without this meaning that either of them is in danger. Animals are instinctive and people are witty enough to know where we should be.

Global Volunteer Network

Volunteers to take care of animals in Thailand

The Global Volunteer Network is a New Zealand non-governmental organization whose mission is to connect volunteers with communities in need around the world. Thanks to its collaboration with a partner organization in Thailand, it allows you to become a volunteer staff for the care of wild animals.

The animals that live in the sanctuary where you would work as a volunteer are animals that have been abused before., who have suffered from abuse, malnutrition or neglect and inadequate care; who have been rescued from animal trafficking or use in the tourism industry. Many of these animals suffer from permanent scars that prevent them from returning to the wild, which is why the shelter takes care of providing them with the best care, with the help of volunteers.

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In addition to the physical consequences, these animals also suffer severe emotional consequences. that they must also be assisted by care which, in addition to covering their physical recovery, must also cover their emotional recovery, with friendly treatment and giving them a lot of love. Respecting their life and existence is the best thing human beings should do for every animal on our planet.

Requirements to become a volunteer

Volunteer caring for turtles

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To be a volunteer and be able to take care of the wild animals of the sanctuary, you must meet certain conditions, because if you do not meet them, you will not be able to apply on the Global Volunteer Network site to be a volunteer. The requirements are as follows:

  • Be physically fit, able to walk long distances and tolerate heat
  • be 18 or older
  • Be available for a stay of at least 4 weeks
  • Ability to work without help
  • Be able to work in a team and adapt to group life
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They are looking for volunteers with an ideology similar to that of the reserve, Therefore, people who have worked in animal training or who have values ​​that do not respect animal life are not admitted.

Volunteer Program Location

The program is located in Kao Look Chang in the province of Petchaburi, near the beaches of Cha-am and Hua-hin and about 160 kilometers from Bangkok. The reserve includes a lake where there are seven islands for the gibbons, allowing them to roam freely, establish territory and mate and live a life as close to nature as possible. You will be able to have a different and of course unforgettable experience, but you will have to show that you are a person who can work independently without having to be on top of you all the time.

Interesting information about volunteering

Volunteer to take care of animals

The animals you would work with would be: a wide variety of macaques, two species of gibbons, several species of civet cats, leopard cats, tigers, bears, crocodiles and exotic birds. The center tries to provide these animals with environments that are as close to nature and their reintroduction into the wild whenever possible.

Depending on the length of your stay and your training and experience, you may devote yourself to: Preparing food for the animals and feeding them, maintaining the facilities or cleaning.

The duration of the volunteering can be different depending on your availability.. You can join the program for 4 to 12 weeks, initially. After this time, you can negotiate the extension of your stay with the program director. You will be housed in houses on the Reserve and you will have three meals a day.

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Program cost in Thailand

Caring for Elephants in Thailand

Even if you are a volunteer, the volunteering program has a cost that you will have to pay, so if you want to have this experience you will need to have some savings to be able to carry it out. The price will vary depending on the weeks you want to be part of the program. Entrance fee is still US$350then the cost varies:

  • Cost for 4 weeks 700 dollars
  • Cost for 6 weeks $900
  • Cost for 8 weeks $1,140
  • Cost for 10 weeks 1360 dollars
  • Cost for 12 weeks $1,580

These amounts cover the costs of administration, establishment on the territory, accommodation, running costs of the program, food, laundry and supervision. You must pay the amount 8 weeks before your departure for Thailand.

There will also be other costs for you.: flights, transport to the Reserve 2,220 Baht (Thai currency, equivalent to approximately 55 dollars), visa, vaccination, travel insurance and airport taxes.

If you dare, we’d love to hear from you, tell us all about your trip, what you’re doing and how you’re experiencing it. The truth is that it should be a unique and unrepeatable experience. Above all, on this trip, take care of yourself, eat well, enjoy the animals and… Don’t forget your camera and have fun!

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