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Las Negras Beach

talk about the best beaches in almeria It’s choosing between a large number of sandy areas that make up more than two hundred kilometers of coastline. It is they that this marvelous province of Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It is therefore a difficult task.

Because, in addition, these beaches beauty rival. Most of them are framed by capricious geology with volcanic-toned cliffs that contrast with the beautiful turquoise color of its waters. And, at the bottom of these, there are meadows of posidonia who are responsible for providing them with enormous ecological value. But, without stopping, now we are going to tell you about the best beaches in Almería.

Genoese beach

Genoese beach

Los Genoveses, one of the best beaches in Almeria

This magnificent sandbank occupies an entire bay between the Morro de los Genoveses and the Ave Maria Hill. It is located near the small town of Saint Joseph in the municipality of nijar. And it stands out for its almost pristine appearance, with no paved roads and virtually no buildings.

Its fine sands and the ocher tones of its surroundings complete the beauty of its waters. Not in vain, it belongs to the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Maritime-Terrestrial Natural Park. It is an impressive ecosystem of almost thirty thousand hectares that combines lagoons, steppes, seabeds of the aforementioned posidonia and rocky elevations with caves that sink into the sea.

However, you can access the beach by car, although to take care of the environment it is better to do it on foot or by bicycle. From San José, there are barely three kilometers which, in addition, offer you extraordinary landscapes. You also have a bus line from this city. On the other hand, although it is not a nudist beach, there are usually people who practice it at the northern and southern ends of the sandbar.

Out of curiosity, we will tell you that the Genoese beach was the scene of the filming of several famous movies. This is the case of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or, already in its environment, of the mythical Lawrence of Arabia. Finally, if you are going to visit this beautiful beach, do not forget to go to the no less beautiful town of Saint Joseph, already cited. It is a small village of whitewashed houses with a beautiful marina.

Las Negras Beach

Black people

Las Negras Beach

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We do not leave the aforementioned natural park to show you this other beach which attracts attention because it makes a winding shape on the coast and because it is very open. Its sand is dark and, unlike the previous one, it is equipped with services such as showers and rescue equipment in summer. It also has parking and is suitable for people with reduced mobility.


It has an approximate length of eight hundred and fifty meters and is framed by rocky elevations. It stands out, in the part of Levante, the black hill, with its cliffs and dark tones. It is a landscape that contrasts with the crystal clear waters. If you visit this beach, you will share it with the boats of the fishermen who live in Black people. This small town of barely three hundred inhabitants is very pretty and offers several hotels, a campsite and numerous bars and restaurants to recharge your batteries after a swim.

Also, nearby, you have small coves that are wilder and full of charm, such as that of San Pedro, Cala Hernández or that of Piedra Colorada. In each of them you will find the ideal conditions for diving.

Ensenada de Mónsul, another of the best beaches in Almería

Monsul Cove

Monsul Beach

We continue in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park to tell you about this other beautiful beach. It forms a magnificent landscape with its Comb name given to the tombolo which is located in the center of the cove and which resembles the crest of a wave, and with its no less imposing dunes.

As was the case with Genoveses beach, you can access it by car, but we do not recommend it either. It damages its impressive natural environment and, in addition, in summer, its parking lot collapses. Saint Joseph It is only four kilometers away and the walk or bike ride allows you to see magnificent landscapes.

Its sands are dark in contrast to the turquoise blue waters. And the surrounding mountains have rust tones that reveal their volcanic origin. is also a virgin beach, although in summer it is full of tourists. Likewise, the unique landscape it forms has given rise to numerous film shoots. A) Yes, Marc Antony and CleopatraDirected by Charlton Heston That is The endless storybased on the homonymous novel by Michel Ende.

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The large Beach of Rodalquilar

Rodalquilar Beach

Rodalquilar beach

Just the name of this sandy area will give you an idea that it is one of the best beaches in Almeria. It is also located in the town of nijar but in this case near the small village of Rodalquilar which has about two hundred inhabitants.

Framed by hills, its sands are dark and its waters are clear and calm. Despite its name, it is only four hundred meters long and its average width, which logically depends on the tides, is around thirty. The calm of its waters makes this sandbank perfect for go with your grandchildren. And that also makes it recommendable for dive in its southern part, where the sand is already turning into rock.

To get to Playazo you have to follow a path of about three kilometers, which starts from the road that goes from Las Negras to Rodalquilar. However, if you like to walk, we advise you to go from the first of these towns, because of the so-called Itinerary Molata a path that runs along the cliffs and crosses the crow creek. The landscapes are impressive.

On the other hand, at one end of the beach, on a large fossilized dune, you have the remains of the san ramon castle. It is a fortress built in the 18th century with classic cannons to guard the coast of Almeria. In the year 2000 it was declared a Property of Cultural Interest.

Also, on the way to the beach, you can see the Aluns Tower, built in the 16th century according to Renaissance guidelines. It receives this name because in Rodalquilar alum was extracted, an aluminum and potassium sulphate which was used as a dye. It is made up of a tower fourteen meters high with three vaulted floors and a surrounding wall.

Exactly, you can see in the area the Rodalquilar mining complex an old farm of which several buildings remain and also the village which housed the workers.

Aguadulce, one of the Longest among the Best Beaches in Almeria

Pure water

Aguadulce Beach Promenade

Located in the town of the same name, very close to Roquetas de Mar This sandbank is approximately two and a half kilometers long. This makes it one of the longest in the entire province. It is therefore an urban beach which has All services. It has lifesaving equipment, showers, hammock and umbrella rentals and even toilets.


Also, very close you have bars and restaurants. It is also suitable for people with reduced mobility. For all these reasons, he has been recognized with the distinction of blue flag. Its waters are calm and the sands are dark, and in the summer it is very crowded.

On the other hand, if you visit this beach, take the opportunity to discover the Archaeological site of the Ribera de la Algaida, which extends from the Bronze Age to the Muslim period. Also, in the nearby town of Roquetas de Mar You also have other of the best beaches in Almeria. For instance, that of the Salinas or that of the Ventilla. Also, you can see the santa ana castle, a recently reconstructed late 16th century fortification. Also noteworthy in the city is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary built in the 18th century, and the lighthouse, which dates from the mid-19th century.

Middle Cove

middle cove

Cala de Enmedio, another of the best beaches in Almería

This little hidden cove was chosen by New York Times What one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. This is no coincidence, since its appearance is impressive. It is framed by Hills of Cuartel and La Higuera as good as Rollan table, a promontory of volcanic origin so named because it is flat on its summit. Moreover, these cliffs have been pierced by the sea creating curious stone shapes.

You can only get there on foot from bitter water and by the sea. Its waters are clear and calm and its sands are dark. Due to its isolation, it is perfect for the practice of nudism. And it also presents magnificent conditions for diving.

On the other hand, if you dare to know this cove, you should also visit the nearby town of bitter water, already cited. And especially, nijar, the capital of the municipality. It is part of the network of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Its historic center stands out, with neighborhoods like El Portillo and Los Alfareros. Also, you have to see the Mudejar Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation and the Watchtoweran old Muslim fortification.

Finally, in the surroundings of Níjar, you have several castles like Huebro or Santa Ana in Los Escullos, as well as several defensive towers. Among these, those of Vela Blanca, Calahiguera or Los Lobos. You can even see the Isabel II Reservoir built in the middle of the 19th century to supply water to the region.

In conclusion, we have presented to you some of the best beaches in almeria. However, we could also tell you about others. For instance, that of the dead in Carboneras, which stands out for its crystal clear waters; that of Los Escullos next to Moro islet, where the only lead cove, with its whimsical stone shapes. You do not want to know these beautiful sandbanks?

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