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Discover the April Fair in Seville

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Seville April Fair - cover

If you have never been to Seville April Fair I would tell you it’s one of those things that you have to live at least once in life. Because? For the fun it entails, for the proximity of its people, to learn how to dance the Sevillians if you don’t know how yet, and because for a few days you get away from it all and have fun.

Sevillians really enjoy this festival which is so much theirs and together with Holy Week (recently passed) I would dare say that these are the two big things to enjoy and experience in Seville.

Dates and a bit of its history

The April Fair in Seville this year has its start date tuesday 12 april with the lighting test which will start at 00:00. It is from there that we can start the fair. In this lighting, thousands of bulbs are lit which illuminate the entrance and the streets of the enclosure (more than 350,000 bulbs). It ends on Sunday April 17 at 12:00 p.m. with the launch of a fireworks display (typical in almost all fairs and pilgrimages). The very night when the lighting takes place is known as “the night of the little fish”.

Seville April Fair - People

The April Fair in Seville was held in order to encourage the sevillians of the year 1842. At the end of that year, a hurricane devastated Seville. The Sevillians weren’t there for much joy at that time and badly needed a boost that would make them get rid of so much accumulated sadness (the city had also been in an economic crisis for some time). It was then that two councilors of the municipality had this brilliant idea: to recover the two typical fairs of Seville, this one in April and another held in September, already granted by law around the year 1254 by King Alfonso X El Sabio.

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And so the first April Fair in modern times was born. It was approved by the city council on September 18, 1846 and inaugurated on April 18, 1847 in the San Sebastián meadow, with a total of 19 stalls.

It was such a success that year after year the fair could not be missed. In fact, Seville, which as we have already said was in economic crisis, was at its own April fair where it found the solution: business, glasses of manzanilla, songs, dances, happiness, etc. An attractive enough offer to attract people!

The most typical of the fair it is without a doubt the large number of stalls (more than 1,040) that can be found where food and drink (its famous rebujito and its famous manzanilla) meet the tastes of Sevillians and tourists who find themselves there. Eating and drinking are the two greatest pleasures of this typical fair.

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Posters and general map of the Fair

Below you will find the general aircraft from the Fair where you can locate the two stands and the amusement park.

The April Fair in Seville

We also present to you the official poster of the April Fair this year 2016.

Seville April Fair - Poster

Basic tips for experiencing the April Fair

Yes, to live the April Fair well and that you do not miss what is really worth it, we bring you a series of basic tips which you should remember when you find yourself overwhelmed between sevillanas and “pescaito frito”:

  1. Learn a little more about its history (It’s already been done thanks to us, huh?).
  2. to exist free entry kiosks and entry kiosks by invitation. There are 16 free entries in total that you will be able to see their location on the general map that we have provided to you before.
  3. There are two pieces well differentiated: the fair of the day and the night fair. During the day you can find their beautiful horses on which you can ride around the fairgrounds (they are open until 8:00 p.m.) and at night the attendance of young people increases.
  4. Gate Comfortable shoes walk and trample and don’t mind if it gets dirty with dirt. The fairground is made of albero.
  5. The best option to get to and from the fair is the public transport since during these dates there is a special service. Parking near the site can be madness, even an “almost impossible” mission.
  6. If you can and wish, visit the place with a beautiful gypsy costume, It’s traditional. Although if you can’t, don’t worry, you can go as you wish.
  7. The attractions in Seville, as well as in the rest of Andalusia, are known as “little gadgets“. These are located in the famous “Street of Hell” (name they gave him because of the high volume of his music).
  8. In some kiosks you can buy your food and drinks with cash but in others they are necessary “vouchers”.
  9. The typical food that you can’t stop asking is the Omelette and like beverage the little boxvery refreshing mixture of chamomile with lemon.
  10. The two key dates they are both the beginning and the end of the fair. One for its famous lighting and the other for its fireworks.
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And that said, one last piece of advice: take advantage of it!

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