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Discover 15 Most Beautiful BEACHES in ALICANTE – SPAIN

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Alicante beaches

On the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean Sea is Alicante, Valencian city and municipality which is a major tourist destination visited by thousands of people every year. It is one of the most chosen destinations during the summer, due to its pleasant climate and the beautiful beaches that follow one another in its white shore.

Today in Actualidad Viaje we will know what are the best beaches in Alicante. Take note!

Levant Beach

I lifted

It is the beach of the famous seaside resort of Benidorm. Have two kilometers of sand and is bordered by a palm-lined promenade lined with numerous restaurants, clubs and cafes. It’s a place where there are a lot of parties, especially in summer, although now it’s a little quieter.

The beach offers many aquatic activities, you can go jet skiing or paragliding, and if you want to exercise, you can too. Also if you go there with children, there are many squares with games.

San Juan Beach

San Juan beach

It is about eight kilometers from the old town of Alicante and is very popular. Some five kilometers extension, beautiful white sands and plenty of space for the number of people who usually choose it. The sand is shiny, all white and contrasts beautifully with the blue of the sea.

The beach it has a promenade where you can walk and enjoy the view, with many palm trees that provide color and shade. It’s a good place to rent an apartment, because of what you can see from the windows and balconies.

Portet Beach

portat beach

this beach belongs to Moraira resort and if you want to swim on the Costa Blanca this is a great place. It is chosen in particular by families with children and adults but there are also couples who know how to appreciate the tranquility and beauty of this bay.

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The beach has soft sand and it goes into the water little by little so you can walk a lot. There are restaurants where you can eat and cafes just steps from the sand. Because of this tranquility and the way the beach comes into contact with the waters, it is a very good beach for swimming, playing and snorkeling.

Granadelle Beach


It is a picturesque beach, super beautiful. The the waters are turquoise and the fact that it’s a bit out of the way makes it special. It’s not very extensive, just a few 160 meters long with cliffs. There is no sand but pebbles, but if you go with deckchairs they don’t bother you.

It is a beach where you can swim and snorkel to enjoy and discover the underwater world.

Cala del Moraig

Cala Moraig

Beautiful beach if any. at this beach you can only get there on foot because it is hidden in a calm bay, always uncrowded, even in summer. Once the descent is complete, a relaxed and scenic atmosphere awaits, with super clear waters in varying shades of blue, depending on the sunlight.

Cave of Cala Moraig

There is even a sea cave, the Cova des Arcs the main attraction of the place and the most visited.

Arenal Beach – Bol


this beach is in Calpe, itself a popular resort for people who choose to spend their summer holidays on the Costa Blanca. It has sand and one and a half kilometers long with plenty of space for swimming and sunbathing.

The beach is impressive because in addition It has a rock about 320 meters high, the Peñón de Ifach, which completes the postcard. Calpe has a very convenient central location on the Costa Blanca, which is why it is very popular. It also has good hotels with great sea views.


Cove of Finestrat


It’s another beach in Benidorm, for many among the most beautiful beaches in the region. The sand is soft and light, the waters are turquoise and calm, ideal for swimming. You can also find accommodation at a good price, especially in low season.

Even if you are staying elsewhere on the coast, a visit to Cala de Finestrat is well worth it.

paradise beach


This beach is located near the village of Villajoyosa and it is one of the most beautiful. The sea is beautiful and the waters are clear and clean, almost like the waters of the Caribbean Sea. But it is not a sandy beach but a pebble beach. This, yes, it has palm trees which provide a nice well-deserved shade.

If you are looking for a quiet place, a little away from the noise, this is a good destination.

Portixol Beach


It is known as Cala la Barraca beach. It is in a bay in a beautiful landscape. It is a pebble beach, impossible to walk barefoot, and the waters are clear. Many water sports are practiced here, such as snorkeling and kayaking.

Bol Nou Beach

Nou Bowl

The beach is in La Vila Joiosa, near Villajoyosa. has more or less one 200 meters long and is surrounded by rocks. The beach is small, but offers refreshments and meals. It is a quiet beach, far from the busiest beaches in the center.

Peace of mind guaranteed.

Fossa Beach

The pit

It is one of the pearls of Alicante, with a beautiful landscape, which includes the Peñón de Ifach with its 320 meters high. It is therefore a popular place to take photos and you will see it on all the postcards or souvenirs of the province.

He has a pier and there are only so many buildings with apartments for tourists to rent that are perfect for spending the holidays.

Villajoyosa Beach


It is a unique beach on the Costa Blanca: it has fine soft sand, palm trees and blue sea which is lovely. Moreover, the colorful houses of the old town of Villajoyosa add to the postcard. It is a dream beach.


Just a minute from the beach you have many places to rent. It is certainly an ideal place to think about summer holidays.

Albir Beach


This beach is near Altea, just between Benidorm and Calpe. It is in a beautiful long bay with great views of the Sierra Helada Natural Park to the north and the picturesque town of Altea to the south.

It is an ideal holiday destination, with a beautiful beach and a wide range of accommodation.

Cala Ambolo

Ambolo Creek

The bay is picturesque and it is close to Jaeva resort. To get here you have to walk, down a bit steep path, but at the end there is a specific place waiting for you, super relaxed and quiet. It’s one of those beaches that you have to mobilize to get to know it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying elsewhere, when spending multiple days, it’s best to hop from beach to beach to see several and stay in the one that appeals to you the most.

Raco del Conill Beach

Raco del Conill

It’s a nudist beach, one of the most beautiful in Alicante. It’s a natural bay near Benidorm, very quiet, beautiful and relaxed. Here you can swim, the waters are calm and the surrounding rocks protect it a little.

It’s a beach with pine trees that provide shade, thank goodness, and there’s a small bar that offers drinks and simple meals.

These are just a few of Best Beaches in Alicante, from north to south you have these and others, many of them from Blue flag. The coastline stretches for 244 kilometers, between coves and beaches, some known, others less known, with hearts of palm trees, pines, rocks, fine sand and crystal clear waters. There are so many choices !

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