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Day cruise from Athens, summer option

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Cruises from Athens

Despite crisis Greece is one of the most classic European spring and summer destinations. The mainland and its islands are populated by tourists who come to enjoy the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

When you see the map you realize that there are many islands to discover and that unless you go backpacking all summer knowing them all is an impossible undertaking. Many head straight for Mykonos, Crete or Santorini, but did you know you can take a cruise and visit three islands near the port of Athens? This is today’s proposal, talking about this type of walks or mini cruises which may include the islands of Hydra, Poros, Aegina, Serifos and Andros.

Port of Piraeus


This is the port of Athens and it is on the outskirts of the capital, about 12 kilometers from the city center. It is on the coast of the Saronic Gulf and easily accessible by metro or taxi. Beyond being the port, it is a district in its own right and you can walk there, have lunch in one of its restaurants with fish and shellfish caught during the day and enjoy the view.

Piraeus It is the last metro station of line 1, the green one, and from the center of Athens you can take it to Monastiraki or Omonia. The cruise port is huge, so you have to calculate a walking time between leaving the metro and arriving at the terminal. Fifteen or twenty minutes. You can also take the bus that connects the metro to the cruise port, number 843. With it, the journey takes only five minutes.

Metro station in Piraeus

You can connect Athens to Piraeus by bus? Yes, it is the X96 bus, among others, that makes this route. Light rail and tram, on the other hand, also connect the two points from Syntagma Square. A taxi from Athens to Piraeus takes about 15-20 minutes., it can be around 20 euros and it is convenient for you to close the price with the driver, so that he does not ask you for more money later. A taxi can take up to four people and you should also consider that if there is traffic it can take longer and cost more.

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Greek Islands Cruises


There are many cruise offers but we said we would focus on the islands closest to Piraeus, so the idea is to make a one day mini cruise A company that does these little cruises is Athen day cruise. Their ships connect Piraeus with Hydra, Poros and Aegina on daily trips for a fee. from 89 euros port.

It’s one of the most popular cruises when it comes to killing several birds with one stone, spending a relaxing day at sea and having it all organised. this cruise includes lunch so all we have to do is sit back, enjoy and tour the islands. There is plenty of time to explore each, swimming in Hydra or shopping, seeing the Temple of Aphaia in Aegina or visiting the Lemon Forest in Poros, for example.

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Lunch is on board and for an additional fee They take care of picking you up at your accommodation in town.. If so, the tour includes a tour of Athens before. The boats are beautiful, they have a live band and open air decks to enjoy the trip. WhatWhat is the itinerary of this short cruise from Athens?

After two hours of travel, the cruise arrives at Poros, the smallest of the three islands. It is separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow strait. In Poros, the boat stays 50 minutes. Once on board, lunch is served during the trip to hydra, an island that is reached an hour and a quarter later. The views of the island as the cruise ship approaches are breathtaking: the houses and mansions, the cobbled streets, the pack donkeys, the promenade, the crystal clear waters and the craft shops.

In Hydra, the cruise lasts 1.5 hours and, back at the cruise, some more food is served.

Hydra Island

The voyage continues towards Aegina, while on board musical performances with Greek rhythms take place. Aegina is the largest of the three cruise islands and that is why there are three hours to go through it and the services of a tourist bus which takes you through the main attractions of the island, the Temple of Aphaia and the Church of Saint Nectarios with its elegant Byzantine architecture, among them.


And to finish, a glass of ouzo and some typical Greek bites are served on the promenade. Renting this bus is not mandatory, so you can’t rent anything and walk around Aegina on your own. You can hire a horse-drawn carriage to get around and do your own thing until the cruise ship finally leaves for Athens. Remember that this three island mini cruise from Athens costs 89 euros from the port and 99 if they pick you up from your accommodation.

Byzantine Church of Aegina

A day cruise from Athens allows you to see beautiful islands without having to travel alone or settle on one. These are very popular cruises for people who may be in Athens on vacation and don’t plan to travel to the outermost Greek islands, but want a taste of the island nature of the country. Of course you can also do these mini cruises on your ownthe islands are there within easy reach connected by ferry.

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hydra it’s less than two hours by ferry from Piraeus and there are services several times a day. The trip takes 90 minutes to two hours, depending on the ship. Andros It is the northernmost island of the Cyclades group and is close to the Attica peninsula. It’s beautiful and it’s usually quiet even in high season. Its beaches are magnificent and its Venetian-style capital is charming. Ferries depart only from the port of Rafina, a small port half an hour from Athens by bus. The journey takes two hours.


Aegina It is the closest island to Piraeus. The trip takes only half an hour and can be done by hydrofoil. serifs It is another of the islands that is close to the port of Athens. It is not included in the cruise we mentioned above but it is very beautiful and has golden sandy beaches. In summer there are daily ferries from Piraeus, the trip is two and a half hours on the fast ferries.

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