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Coachella, the music festival everyone is talking about

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Coachella is the music festival everyone is talking about and everyone wants to go to. It is celebrated these days in the Californian city of Indio, about 200 kilometers from Los Angeles, and has become the spring festival that brings together the most famous personalities from all over the United States.

When Coachella was born in the late 90s, it was considered one of the most respectable alternative music festivals of the time. However, in recent times it has undergone a transformation that has taken it away from the spirit it started with over twenty years ago. Currently, many say that music has taken a back seat and Coachella has become another catwalk for celebrities to wear the latest fashion trends.

Anyway, Coachella is on everyone’s lips and from Actualidad Viajes we are going to go back to the origins of the festival and its present. Can you come with us?

The beginnings of Coachella

Coachelle 2

The origins of the Coachella festival date back to 1993, when the frontman of the rock band Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, decided to participate in a boycott against the company Ticketmaster (which was accused of having a monopoly on the Southern California stages), organizing a concert at the Empire Polo Club in Indio attended by 25,000 people.

It was at the end of the 90s that the event began to be celebrated regularly, increasing the number of participants every year thanks to posters mixing the best of rock and alternative electronic music. At that time, the performances of groups such as The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Pixies, Radiohead, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Daft Punk or Massive Attack stand out.

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At the start of the 21st century, entertainment giant AIG bought out Goldenvoice, the small punk promoter that organized the festival, and from then on Coachella transformed into what it is today. For better or for worse, it depends on everyone’s opinion.

Coachella presents


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Coachella is currently being accused of becoming an elitist, mass event that has lost the indie spirit it was born with. Now, the festival seems to be all about fashion, product marketing and the celebrities who flock there to be seen in front of the press and attend parties. despite the presentation of a lineup with bands and artists of great caliber, who often have nothing to do with alternative rock but belong to other musical genres.

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There are those who now think that music is something secondary. Coachella had its own lineup of artists, and the festival was known to attract bands that hadn’t played in years., as was the case with the Pixies in 2004. It was the place to go for fans of alternative music on the West Coast of the United States. Instead, performances by artists who make commercial music and can be seen at other festivals have multiplied.

Poster Coachella 2016


Every year, the expectation to meet the Coachella poster is enormous. In the 2016 edition Guns N’ Roses, the mythical group of the 80s who broke up 22 years ago, returns to the stage and is the protagonist of the three days, but Iced Cube, Zedd, Sia, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Cold War Kids, Jack Ü or Major Lazer also deserve our full attention. In any case, trying to attend all the concerts is an impossible mission, so you have to choose well.

Coachella 2016 dates and prices


April 15-16-17 and April 22-23-24 are the two weekends chosen to celebrate this new edition. Normally everyone wants to go to Coachella the first weekend because it’s so new, there’s a lot of press and everyone is talking about the festival on social media. But, if none of that interests you, the second pass is quieter. There are fewer postures, people are going to have fun and surprise performances are more relevant.

The fact that Coachella has become an elite festival has a lot to do with the high prices and exclusive services offered to VIP attendees. Tickets for a weekend are worth nearly $400, plus food and accommodation. But this is Coachella, and if you want to experience it and can afford it, no problem!

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General admission. $399.
General admission + Shuttle. $459.
VIP priority badge. $899.
VIP parking. $150.
Camp the car at your campsite. $99.
Accommodation Tee Pee + General Admission (2 people). $2,398.
Accommodation type Tee Pee + VIP pass (2 people). $3,400.
Tent + general admission (4 people). $3,196.
Tent + VIP pass (4 people). $5,200.

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