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Brindisi Interesting CITY to VISIT – ITALY

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Brindisi is located on the banks of the Adriatic Sea, southeast of Italy. Inhabited since antiquity and conquered by the Romans in 267 BC. J.-C., it is known under the name of “East Gate” for its privileged location to start sea voyages both to Greece and to Asian territories.

Currently it is a prosperous city of nearly ninety thousand inhabitants which offers you magnificent beaches and an enviable climate. But also several important monuments and exquisite cuisine. If you want to know Brindisi, we invite you to follow us.

What to see in Brindisi

As we said, the Italian city is in the Salento plain, on the shores of the Adriatic. Since Roman times it was an important commercial port, which led it to pass through the hands of the Gothics, Byzantines, Normans and even Aragonese. We are going to show you the highlights that you can see in Brindisi.

Brindisi Castles

The city has two impressive castles. The first is the Red so called because of the color of its stone, although it is also known as aragonese, for having been built during the domination of the Spaniards. It was a defensive fortress built on the small San Andres Island.

The second is the swiss castle built at the time of Frederick II (1194-1250), Holy Roman Emperor and King of Sicily. You will find it in the port, on the Poniente canal.

Brindisi Cathedral

Brindisi Cathedral

the strongholds

The city’s bastions also had a defensive character: they sought to protect the important port from enemy attacks. Currently, two remain standing: of Charles V built at the time of Fernando de Aragón, and from San Giacomo imposing and better preserved than the previous one.

Duomo Square

However, perhaps the most beautiful place in Brindisi is the Piazza del Duomo, where, as its name suggests, is the cathedral (That’s what it means duomo). It is a temple built in the 11th century according to Roman canons. However, damaged by an earthquake, it was rebuilt in the 18th century. Therefore, the building you can currently see combines baroque and neoclassicism.


You can also see in the Duomo square the Loggia of the Balsamo Palace, a balcony that remains of a primitive construction of the 13th century; the building of Seminar an 18th century palace that houses the Giovanni Tarantini Diocesan Museum; the Provincial Archaeological Museum and the imposing Portico of the Templars composed of two Gothic arcades separated by a Greek column.

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The Roman Remains

The Italian city was very important in Roman times. Until she comes from Rome, the Via Appia and the by Trajan. It will therefore not surprise you that it has several archaeological remains from this period.

Among them stand out the roman column, symbol of the city; the cisterns of the old aqueduct and the archaeological area of San Pietro degli Schiavoni which is under the Teatro Verdi.

The Sailor's Monument

Monument to the sailor

Monument to the Sailor

A different character is the impressive monument to the sailor, built in the thirties of the last century and whose central part, in the form of rudder rises fifty-three meters above the ground.


You can also see in Brindisi the The monument to the dead of the same period, and that devoted to the Latin poet Virgil, who spent his last years in retirement in the city. Both are precious because they are made with white Carrara marble.

Other monuments of Brindisi

The beautiful Italian city has other monuments that we advise you to visit. Among the religious temples, you have the Churches of San Benedettoof San Giovanni or of Santa Maria del Casale.

With regard to civil constructions, they highlight gate of the mesagne old entrance to the city, and the Granafei-Nervegna Palace and Montenegro. But even more value has the Tancredi Fonts dating from the twelfth century, and towers of the XVII.

Brindisi surroundings

In the vicinity of the Italian city you can find beautiful beaches like Torre del Orso and Dos Hermanas. But above all magnificent natural swimming pools. Of these, the most important call cave of poetry considered one of the ten most beautiful in the world.

The Mesagne gate

Mesagne Gate

You can also find wonderful natural parks in which you can walk. Among these, the Punta de Condesa Salt Mine the Bosco di Cerano Nature Reservesof Guaceto Tower and of Wood of Santa Teresa.

What to eat in Brindisi

After all that you have moved visiting the city, the best thing is that you regain strength with a good typical meal. Your menu can start with a few petuli which are a kind of dumplings filled with different condiments such as fruits, vegetables or smoked fish.

Then you can order a Risotto. We recommend the tajedda, which contains rice, seafood and potatoes and is prepared in the oven. However, soups are also typical, especially the bean cream and the grilled vegetables area.

As a second course, we recommend the fish, which is magnificent in the region. For example, the wood-fired perch. And, for dessert, you have sweets like tangerine pasta or the to cartel. But also magnificent cheeses and fruits.


As for the drink, you can taste some of the magnificent wines of Puglia, which have a designation of origin. This is the case of Brindisi Rosso That is pink. And finally a glass of Limoncello.

Obviously you also have good pasta and pizza in the Italian city. But we allow ourselves to recommend the previous menu, which is more original.

The Tancred fountain

Fontana Tancred

When is it better to travel to the Italian city

Brindisi has a enviable time. Winters are mild, with lows that rarely drop below six degrees Celsius, while summers are hot, with highs that easily reach thirty. For its part, the rains condense mainly in autumn and winter.

For all these reasons, the best times to travel to Brindisi are spring and summer. Especially in the first, the city receives fewer tourists and, in addition, celebrates typical festivals such as the curious Parato Horse Procession.

How to get to Brindisi

It is very common to travel to the Italian city by sea. Every year he receives numerous cruise ships who stop there. However, you can also do it by plane. The Salento Airport it is international and is only six kilometers from the urban area.

It is also an important communication center railway which receives trains from Rome and other cities. But, if you prefer the car, we will tell you that to get to Brindisi you have to go through the Bari-Lecce Motorway then by SS 16 Adriatic.

In conclusion, toast offers you beautiful monuments, magnificent natural spaces, good weather and delicious cuisine. What are you waiting for to organize your trip to the Italian city?

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