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ARGOITIA fictional setting of the Film ‘Eight Basque names?’

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Argoitia is a city that does not exist. You will be surprised that in a travel blog we talk about a fictional town. But the reality is that he has a physical presence, but not with that name, but with others.

Let’s stop beating around the bush. Argoitia This is the scene from the famous movie ‘Eight Basque surnames’, one of the most successful in Spanish cinema in recent years. And, although its name is fictitious, it does have a physical reality: that which makes up the different scenarios of the film. They are cities of Euskadi like Zarautz That is Getaria and even Navarrese as Leiza. In short, we offer you an exciting journey through the beautiful cities in which the aforementioned film took place.

The cities that give physical existence to the invented Argoitia

Many of these villages are among the most beautiful and authentic in the rural Basque world. And some of them helped create the fictional Argoitia, the city where they had their meetings and their disagreements. Amaya and Rafa.


The city of Gipuzkoa contributes the spring where Amaya’s father moored his boat. It is a truly symbolic place, since it is from there that in the past whalers. The maritime tradition is one of the hallmarks of the identity and pride of this beautiful city. Not in vain, he was born there Juan Sebastien Elcano.

If you visit Guetaria, be sure to stroll through its beautiful old quarter, where gothic church of San Salvador, which is a national monument. And also houses of the same artistic style as those of the san roque street or decorated in bright colors and with wooden balconies.

View of Getaria


On the other hand, we advise you to go to the lighthouse of Mount San Antón, known as “The Mouse of Getaria”, from where you have an impressive view of the Cantabrian coast. And if you like fashion, visit the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. Also, don’t leave the city without trying the delicious txacoli.



Many street scenes from the “Eight Basque Family Names” have this city as their setting. It is recognizable, for example, in the scene of The wedding protagonists. The temple where it will be celebrated is the Hermitage of San Telmolocated next to impressive cliffs that frame the Itzurun Beach.

From here you can see the singular Flyschwhich are layers of sedimentary rocks of different types that make up, precisely, these cliffs.

Also, if you travel to the city of Gipuzkoa, be sure to visit the iSt. Peter’s Church, a 14th century Gothic building; The Foronda and Olazabal Palaces and the museum dedicated to the great painter Ignacio Zuloaga. But above all, don’t forget to stroll through its narrow streets and its marina.


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This villa also served as a representation of Argoitia in the film. Noted for his Beaches it’s a surfer’s paradise. But it also offers you a beautiful monumental ensemble.


In its old quarter you will find many mansions with a coat of arms on its facade like those of Azara and Zigordia streets. Among them, the Gamboa, Portu or Makatza houses; the Narros Palace with its magnificent English garden or the Luzea tower, a 15th century Renaissance construction.

The Palace of Narros

Narros Palace in Zarautz

In addition, you can see in Zarautz various religious monuments such as the Church of Santa Maria la Realbuilt in the 16th century, and the convents of Santa Clara and the Franciscan Fathersthe latter with the Church of San Juan Bautista.

For their part, the mansions of Sanz Enea and Villa Munda They are a sample of the houses that the Basque bourgeoisie built in the city to spend the summer. However, the most typical of Zarautz are the farms of their rural areas. They are particularly beautiful those of Gurmendi, Aierdi or Agerre.

Leiza, Navarre’s contribution to Argoitia

We now change our route through the scenarios of the ‘Eight Basque surnames’ to reach the Navarrese town of Leiza. In this beautiful villa I was Amaya’s house and, for example, the dinner of the four protagonists was filmed there.

Located in the impressive and green Leizaran Valleythis Navarrese municipality offers you a beautiful City hall built in the early 20th century; the Church of San Miguel and the Hermitage of Santa Cruzlocated on a hill on the outskirts.

Also noteworthy in Leiza is the statue dedicated to Manuel Lasartefamous bertsolari local, that is to say improviser of verse. And the stone museum of the famous weightlifter Inaqui Perurenalocated in the Gorrittenea Family Farmon the outskirts of town.


Interestingly, this beautiful villa has a Al Andalus Cultural Center and with flamenco rock. It is therefore not surprising that it was used to film the scenes of the film which take place in a bar in Seville.


View of Leiza

But you can also visit in Mondragón the churches of San Juan Bautista14th century Gothic style although its bell tower is from the 16th century, and from San Fransisco, which combines Herrerian and Baroque styles. And likewise, the construction of the city ​​hallalso baroque and from the 17th century, and palace like those of Andinako-Loyola, Oquendo and Monterrón.


How to navigate the scenarios that make up Argoitia

The best way to visit the scenarios we mentioned is to Highway. You have buses that cross the area, but we advise you to use your own vehicle. So you won’t be dependent on schedules and you’ll stop where you want and when you want.

Normally you arrive on the Guipuzcoan coast in the AP-8. Then you have to deviate by the N-634. This road will take you to Zarautz, Getaria and Zumaya. On the other hand, to get to Mondragón, you will have to leave the A-8 in Elgoibar to take the AP-1.

On the other hand, if you want to get to Leiza from the previous towns, you will have to follow the A-8 and then the A-15 and finally the NA-170.

In conclusion, Argoitia It is a fictitious locality to which the populations that we have explained to you have given a physical nature. Therefore, if you want to visit the sets of the film “Eight Basque surnames”, you must visit Zarautz, Zumaya, Getaria, Leiza and Mondragón. All of these cities have a lot to show you and the trip you will be fascinated.

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