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8 Places to SEE in LAUSANNE – Switzerland

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Lausanne or Lausanne is a city located in the canton of Vaud of which it is capital. This city stands out for having been inhabited since the 4th century BC and for being an important city in Switzerland, the fifth in population. This city is known as the Olympic capital, since the International Olympic Committee is located there. But it is also a beautiful city with a lot of history that is worth visiting.

Let’s see other things interesting places to visit in the city of Lausanne in Switzerland. In this city we can enjoy large squares, several castles or a cathedral. We are therefore going to see some of its points of interest and the places that we cannot miss.

Lausanne Cathedral

Lausanne Cathedral

The Lausanne Cathedral is one of its most important points. It is a beautiful Gothic-style cathedral that was built in the upper part of the city, which is why it is visible from many points in the city. This cathedral began to be erected in the 12th century, although it was completed in the 13th century and renovated in the 19th century. There is a lot to see, as it welcomes us with the Montfalcon portal with medieval figures. From the outside it is beautiful, but you also have to see it from the inside. Inside we find a more austere and elegant atmosphere, highlighting its high columns, the organ and the rose window with beautiful stained glass windows. It is also possible to climb its high tower to have a magnificent view of the city.

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St. Mary’s Castle

St. Mary's Castle

It’s a ancient city in which a lot of history remains, which we were able to verify with its cathedral. But there are also castles, one of the most important being Sainte-Marie, located in the northern part of the city, near the lake. This castle served as the residence of the bishopric and was built in the 14th century. In the 19th century, the Canton of Vaud is created, of which the city is the capital, this castle then becomes the seat of the government of the canton. The only pity is that entry is not allowed, so we will have to limit ourselves to seeing it from the outside.

Place and church of Saint François


It is one of the busiest and most commercial squares in the city so we will surely go through that. It has shops, restaurants and cafes where you can stop to taste the gastronomy of the city or do some shopping. Here you can find the typical Swiss chocolate which is a delight. In addition, in this square there is another of its emblematic buildings, the Church of San Francisco. It is a historic place that was built in the 13th century although it has undergone many renovations. A part of the city’s history that should not be missed.

The Market Stairs

market stairs

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here are the known as Market Stairs. These old staircases with a wooden ceiling are one of the most beautiful corners of the city due to their great charm and medieval touch. Also, these stairs are ideal for going from low to high in the city, so one will surely head towards them at some point. Photographs at this stage are a must.

Place de la Palud and town hall

Place de la Palud

This beautiful square near the Plaza de San Francisco was the core of the city in the 9th century. This is where the town hall is located, a old 17th century building in the typical style of the canton. In the center of the square is the Fuente de la Justicia and there are many restaurants and cafes. A very picturesque place that is already one of the must-see places in the city.

Olympic Museum

East city ​​is the headquarters of the IOC, the International Olympic Committee, and also has the Olympic Museum. This museum is located in the seaside district of Ouchy and on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva. You will be able to know much more about these famous games with the different torches, medals and history. If you are a fan of the Olympic Games, you cannot miss it.


Rumin’s Palace

Rumina Palace

Close to historic center and place de la Riponne is this Renaissance-style palace, another of the jewels of the city of Lausanne. It is a 19th century building and was the seat of the University of Lausanne. It has several museums inside, including the Museum of Fine Arts or Archeology and History and also has the Cantonal Library.

Bourget Park and Lake Geneva

If we want to get away from the bustling noise of the city we can head to lake leman. On the shores of this lake we find people walking and a very quiet space. In addition, we can go to the Parc du Bourget, a reserve that offers us great tranquility.

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