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7 things to do in Mallorca

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Seu Cathedral

Mallorca belongs to the Balearic Islands, and it is also one of the most sought-after destinations in our country. It is a tourist destination that stands out for its beaches, but there is much more to enjoy in this vacation spot is that we can discover everything from caves to hiking trails and a lot of history. If you go to this island, enjoy the trip, because you will find many interesting things to have fun there.

We already know we’re going to the beach, but before venturing out, we need to have other ideas for spend time in Mallorca, because we may realize later that we missed some very interesting things. Even in these sunny destinations, there is history and traditions to offer those who visit them.

The capital Palma de Mallorca

Palma old town

If we are not going to miss something during our visit to this island, it is its capital, a city that, like many others, combines a more modern and commercial part with another historical and older part. In the historic center are the most picturesque corners, such as the Jewish quarter, the jewish quarter of the old town. After the hustle and bustle of the city, we will find ourselves in narrower and quieter streets. And if we are tired of silence, we can always return to the commercial area to enjoy buying typical products.

Route of the courts of Mallorca

Majorca courses

This city of Palma has a great history, and that is why beautiful buildings with typical architecture are still preserved, in which there is a indoor outdoor terrace, as in the old Andalusian houses. They give such importance to these spaces, and they have such beautiful corners that they have created the route of the patios of Mallorca, to discover this architecture. This route takes place in the lower part of the city, and has become a must for those who are attracted by history and constructions.

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Palma Cathedral

Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

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This cathedral is better known as La Seu, and it is the most emblematic building in all of Mallorca. Surely you already have an image of this cathedral in mind with its particular Catalan Gothic style. It has the distinction of being an unfinished monument, like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​and has undergone numerous renovations since its construction began in the 14th century, the most famous being by Gaudí. It also has the largest rose window in the Gothic world, so a visit inside, to discover this luminous environment typical of the transition from Romanesque to Gothic, is a must.

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Mallorca beaches and coves

Mallorca beaches

This island stands out not only for its most famous beaches in typical crystalline waters and light sands in the Mediterranean style, but also to have countless coves surrounded by nature in which to get lost. Some not to be missed are Cala Varqués in Manacor, Cala Mondragó in Santanyí, Playa de Formentor in Pollença or Es Trenc in Campos. They all have in common these incredibly warm and transparent waters in very beautiful natural environments to get lost during the holidays. We will want to go back again and again.

The Caves of Drach

Caves of Drach

Although the Cuevas del Drach are undoubtedly the most famous on the island, they have many others and sinkholes, making it an ideal place for caving enthusiasts. We can for a moment leave the beaches and the heat to enter the coolness of these underground caves. those of Drach is home to Lake Martel, considered one of the largest underground lakes in the world. The visit lasts about an hour, and you have to walk a little more than a kilometer. In addition, they treat us with a classical music concert and an incredible boat ride on the underground lake.

Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle

This castle also belongs to Majorcan gothic style, and it has the great particularity of having a circular plan, something that is almost never seen in these constructions. It is about three kilometers from the city of Palma, so both can be visited on the same day. It was built in the 14th century by order of Jaime II of Majorca. You can take a guided tour inside that lasts half an hour and in which we see the parade ground, the city history museum, the throne room or the chapel of San Marcos.

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Tramuntana mountain range


On this island there is not only a beach, but also places for those who want to get lost in nature and with mountain air. In the Sierra de Tramuntana we find the town of Valldemossa, built on rocks and 17 kilometers from the capital. In a short time we move on to the tranquility of the mountains, and it is a place with romantic airs ideal for sports such as hiking or guided excursions through the mountains.

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