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7 Most Beautiful CITIES in FRANCE

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cities of france

France is a country full of interesting places and incredibly beautiful, including its very touristy cities for everything they can offer, from historical monuments to neighborhoods of great charm. This is why we are going to draw up a small list of the most beautiful cities in France, since it may be part of these wishlists to have places to visit in the months to come, when everything returns to normal.

We will see what are the most beautiful cities in France, although we will surely miss some proposals. In France there are many interesting towns, some smaller and more welcoming and others are towns where one would spend weeks. So take note of all the places you should visit.


Paris is the French capital and its most important city and also one of the most beautiful, so we’re sure it’s first on the list if you haven’t visited it yet. There are many things what to do in Paris, to see the Eiffel Tower spend a day visiting the Louvre Museum, see other museums such as the Orangerie or Orsay, climb to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and see the Montmartre district, take a cruise on the Seine, enter Notre Dame, climb the Arc de Triomphe or simply stroll through its streets and gardens to enjoy the French way of life. We also have to live their life in cafes, because it is very typical.



This ancient city which was the capital of Gaul in the Roman Empire is another place to visit in France. Lyon has a beautiful old town where to find gems like the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière in Romanesque, Gothic and Byzantine styles. Vieux Lyon is the oldest district in the whole city, a place where you can find the best restaurants in the city. This city was founded in Roman times and that is why there are also ancient Roman theaters such as the Ancient Theater of Lyon from the year 15 BC. Do not miss the large squares like Place Bellecour or Place des Terraux.




Marseille is another beautiful French city to visit. There are neighborhoods like the Old Port, a place that has become very touristy, where you can taste the best dishes in the city and also walk around watching the bustle of fishermen and boats. In Marseille must see the Panier district, the oldest in the city where there are Provençal style buildings, squares and streets. The Cathedral of the Major of Marseille is one of its most important monuments, with an original Byzantine Romanesque style. Another of its points of interest is Fort Saint Jean at the entrance to the Old Port or the beautiful Boulevard Longchamp.


Bordeaux in France

Bordeaux is one of the most beautiful cities in France, a city in which there is a lot to see. The Place de la Bourse is one of the most interesting points, a beautiful square with 18th century French architecture where you can see the fountain of the Three Graces and the famous reflecting pool. The Saint André Cathedral and the Pey Berland Tower are other must-sees. It is a cathedral that is part of the French Camino de Santiago and has this striking bell tower. The Pont de Pierre is an old bridge commissioned by Napoleon over the Garonne. You should also see the 15th century Porte Cailhau, one of the old gates of the city wall.


city ​​of carcassonne

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It is an old walled city which is quite a discovery. It can easily be visited in a weekend but is considered one of the most beautiful in France. It’s a medieval citadel located between vine plantations. Outside the walls you can visit the Bastida de San Luis district and the Canal du Midi to then enter the fortified area to step back in time in this medieval citadel.



Versailles is one of the most visited places in France because it houses the large complex of the Palace of Versailles, amazing work. Inside the palace, you can visit the Hall of Mirrors, a huge and surprising room. You can also see the bedrooms and intimate places such as the surrounding well-kept gardens. The Grand Trianon is a smaller-scale palace that can also be visited within the complex.



City of Nantes

Nantes is located near the Loire region, known for its castles, and is also a city worth visiting. It is the birthplace of Jules Verne and this led to the creation of the Isle of Machines, which is amazing and surprising to everyone. On the other hand, in the city you can see the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany or the Cathedral of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul.

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