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6 Typical Clothes of ITALY

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typical italian clothes

The typical italian clothes, as in other countries, varies by region. The traditional costume of the south is not the same as that of the Sardinia or that of Piedmont. This circumstance becomes even more evident in the transalpine nation, which was disunited until 1870.

This means that each region has retained its own traditions and customs even more intensely. And that includes clothing, which has evolved in each area in a different way. But, in any case, we can speak of typical Italian clothing. So we will show you the considerate costume first national so talk to yourself others also very popular in large parts of the country. And we will do this by distinguishing between women’s clothing, which is more elaborate and beautiful, and men’s clothing, which is simpler.

The typical costume of Italy

typical Italian costumes

The typical costume of Italy

It is the most used throughout the country at parties and events. But it is also widely used by emigrants living abroad. Many of them have gathered in clubs and national centers in which they also commemorate the great festivals of their land and, in these, the traditional costume it’s almost mandatory.

Typical Italian clothing for women consists of a pleated skirt under which petticoats are worn. Similarly, colored ribbons are placed on it at the ends and at the bottom. The lower part is completed with white socks that go from the feet to the knees. On the other hand, in the upper part, they use an equally white blouse with short sleeves that are tight at the ends. On it they put a corset straps black with border in other shades.

However, costume colors may vary depending on the time of year. But the most used are white, red, black and green. Finally, as shoes for typical Italian clothes, traditional women’s moccasins are used, that is, with a ribbon on the instep. And, on the head, they usually wear a colorful garland.

For its part, traditional men’s clothing in Italy is made up of black pants with green trim that reaches the knee. And, then, white stockings to finish in black shoes also of moccasin type. On his upper part there is a white shirt with a kind of green velvet tie. And especially a red vest. Also, between the pants and the shirt, you can wear a green belt.


As you can see, both in the case of women and, above all, men, it is a garment comfortable and functional. This is due, among other things, to the fact that when they are dressed in their costumes, they perform different typical dances and dances where loose clothing is required. But, as we have already told you, there is another typical Italian garment that is more characteristic of certain regions. We will show you some significant examples.

Traditional clothing from the region of Sardinia: Other typical clothing from Italy

Folklore festival in Agrigento

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A folkloric festival with typical Italian clothes

Also famous in the transalpine nation is the typical costume of the sardinia island. In its case, it has received influence from other parts of the world due to the insular and maritime nature of this region of the country. Also, especially in the case of women, it is more elaborate than the previous one.

Specifically, women wear long dresses or skirts red or green and with floral patterns or gold embroidery. Shoes are usually black and low-heeled. As for the upper part, white shirts with lace in the neck part. And, about these, black corsets also embroidered. In addition, on the head they usually wear headdresses or veils linen or silk. And the set is adorned with necklaces, necklaces and earrings.


Regarding male clothing, it differs little from traditional Italian. Consists of black pants to the knees and white stockings at the bottom. The shoe is black and moccasin type. As for the trunk, they wear a white shirt with puffed sleeves and, over it, color vest black, red or green

The Neapolitan costume

costume museum

Sulmona Typical Costume Museum

The typical clothes Naples It has differences from the previous ones, but also similarities. In his case, it goes back to Middle Ages and it also reflects influences from other nations. For example, from Germany and of Spain.

Women wear a Red skirt with green, gold and blue ribbons at the bottom. Under them they put on a petticoat, and on top an apron or apron white lace or with embroidery. On the torso they wear a white shirt with short, puffy sleeves and, over it, a black corset. As for the hairstyle, they put a sail which reflects the deep religiosity of southern Italy.

For their part, the men wear a red pants to the knees and, below, white stockings. At the top, they wear a white shirt with long, loose sleeves. Also, on this one a kind of bow tie or red scarf and one black vest with golden bands and buttons. Finally, the shoes are of the moccasin type.

Typical Sicilian costume


A folk group dancing the tarantella

Among the typical clothes of Italy, the Sicilian costume is one of the oldest, because he was born in the 16th century. Since then it has undergone little modification and is the one worn by men and women on special festivities. Especially, when you dance the tarantella, one of the most typical dances of the country that was born, precisely, in the south. Out of curiosity, we will tell you that the legend says that it was created to activate the blood flow and, in this way, counteract the effects of the tarantula bite. Hence its name.

But, to come back to the clothes, the wife of Sicily Take one long sleeve blouse in white or light blue colors and decorated with lace. Down they put long skirts soft fabric and dark tones on the outside. Instead, inside they carry colorful prints which represent stripes or squares. The shoes are dark and closed and the hair is tied in a bun.

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For their part, the men carry black pants to the knee and gray stockings to the feet, which are worn with black shoes. In addition, they wear a long-sleeved shirt in pastel blue or white. And, on top of that, a gray vest. Finally, on the neck they place a red scarf tied like a tie.

Typical northern Italian costume

Italian traditional clothes

Riders dressed in traditional Italian clothes

The typical clothes of northern Italy also appeared between the 16th and 17th centuries. And, likewise, it is used to perform dances of the region. Among these stands out the call Bergamo which, as its name suggests, comes from Bergamo just like this traditional garment.

In this case, women wear skirts of different colors, although red and blue predominate, with ribbons at the bottom. At the top, they wear a white blouse with short puff sleeves. On this one, put a dark corset and one coat on the shoulders. As for the shoes, they are dark-colored and low-top shoes. Finally, they wear their hair in a bun and adorned with flowers or a headdress.

As for men, they wear black pants and long with dark shoes. In the trunk they wear a long-sleeved shirt and light colors on which goes a black vest. Likewise, both at the neck and at the waist, a scarf as bow tie and belt respectively. Finally, on the head they wear a black hat which is adorned with a red ribbon.

Venice carnival costume

venetian costumes

Two people in carnival costumes in Venice

We cannot end this article on typical Italian clothing without telling you about the traditional clothing of the venice carnivals. And this for two reasons. On the one hand, it is popular all over the world and, on the other hand, it is part of the transalpine customs just like any typical costume.

Surely you have seen men and women in many movies. They respond to a classical and renaissance style. The females carry long skirts with large volume and petticoats. On top they put fitted bodices that highlight the size. All these clothes are made hand made in fabrics like silk, brocades or satin and are nicely decorated. As accessories, they wear fans and other beads, but above all the traditional venetian mask which cannot be missing at carnivals.

For their part, the men wear period costumes which combine pants and jacket. The former usually reaches the knees, and below these white stockings are worn. These garments are also made with the best fabrics and of laborious way. Likewise, they tend to wear shirts with large ornaments and lace with hats of different types. And also, how could it be otherwise, they wear masks decorated with stones and other pieces.

In conclusion, we showed you the typical italian clothes paying particular attention to their common traditional clothing. But we also told you about the one used in some of its regions like Sardinia That is Naples. And we didn’t want to forget the famous venice carnivals, whose clothes are as much a part of Italian culture as any typical piece of clothing. Don’t you think these are wonderful outfits?

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