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6 Smallest TOWNS in Spain

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to talk to you about the smallest towns in Spain We have to give you an explanation beforehand. Although we usually use this word to describe any locality with a good number of inhabitants and equipped with all services, this is incorrect, at least in our country.

In Spain, historically, this title was granted only to certain municipalities for give them pre-eminence over the villas. And they received him for having rendered brilliant services to the King or to some illustrious personage whom he wished to reward. Once this clarification has been made, you will better understand that we are talking about the smallest towns in Spain in this article. Because some of them will surprise you with their few inhabitants. But, for their own historical reason, they also have a rich monumental heritage which we advise you to see.

Frías, the smallest town in Burgos

Frias Bridge

Frías Romanesque Bridge

county chief The Merindades in the province of Burgos, this city has barely three hundred inhabitants. Located on the hill of La Muela, near the Ebro, it has historically been a place of passage for merchants who traveled from the plateau to the Cantabrian ports.

This is why it was very important in the Middle Ages and even before, as evidenced by the Roman road that crossed the town. But Frías has much more to show you. In fact, it has been declared a Historic Artistic Site for having preserved its medieval layout. And also for the Velasco castle which dominates it from the top of the hill.

Plus they’re spectacular medieval romanesque bridge and his jewish community. But, in addition, as in Cuenca, Frías also has its hanging houses, which look into the void. Also be sure to watch the barracks and palace of the Salazars near the castle.

As for the religious heritage of the city of Burgos, we advise you to visit the convents of San Francisco and Santa María de Vadillo or the churches of San Vítores and San Vicente Mártir and San Sebastián. The latter, restored at the beginning of the 20th century, has beautiful altarpieces, paintings and abundant religious imagery.

Barcena Mayor in Cantabria

View of Barcena Mayor

Bárcena Mayor, one of the smallest towns in Spain


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Among the smallest towns in Spain, this one will undoubtedly take you back to the Middle Ages. Because, as is the case for example with Santillana del Mar, Bárcena is made up of spectacular traditional mountain houses of the Middle Ages. They are stone constructions, with wooden arches and balconies on the first floor which are located in cobbled and narrow streets.


This Cantabrian town has even fewer inhabitants than Frías, since it does not reach a hundred. But it is a marvel that must be visited. It is located in the town of gorse nearly five hundred meters above the valley of the Argoza River, in the Saja Besaya Natural Park.

Therefore, it also offers you wonderful nature, with many hiking trails, as well as the beauty of its urban structure. Finally, do not leave Bárcena without tasting the delicious mountain stew, a hearty dish typical of the region that includes white beans, collard greens and the popular compango made with chorizo, black pudding, ribs and bacon. A delight to regain strength after your visit to the natural park.

Redes, perhaps the smallest town in Spain


Network port

We now turn to the province of La Coruña to show you this city which is perhaps the smallest in Spain, since it has barely sixty inhabitants. It belongs to the municipality of Ares and it is very close to the Ferrol estuary.

It is therefore a small fishing town in the middle of the Galician estuaries. have a flirt Port and typical houses of the region with their continuous and glazed balconies. But you can also see houses of Indians there, that is, of returning emigrants with money who built luxurious mansions in the area.

Also, you will find beautiful beaches such as those of In Xungueira, Seselle, O Raso, Chanteiro or even Redes. And we also advise you to go the old fashioned way coastal batteries of Montefaro, Punta Segaño and Coitelada, which you can reach via beautiful hiking and mountain biking trails. Finally, visit the Saint Catherine’s Monastery Romanesque gem from the 14th century classified as an Asset of Cultural Interest.


Ohanes in the province of Almería


Ohanes, another of the smallest towns in Spain located in the province of Almería

Compared to the previous ones, this one will look like a big city, since it reaches seven hundred inhabitants. It is located in the Alpujarras of Almeria looking down the valley of the Andarax river, almost a thousand meters above sea level.

The first thing that will catch your eye are the almost vertical hills of vines and tomato plants, and its whitewashed houses adorned with flowers. But you can also see their Neolithic caves of Nieles and Almecena.

As for its religious monuments, visit the Immaculate Conception Church, built at the end of the 16th century in Mudejar style on an older one. And also him Sanctuary of the Tices built at the beginning of the 19th century and which is being restored due to its deterioration.

With regard to civilians, it highlights the tower house, apparently built by a former viceroy of Mexico in the 18th century. But also the statues dedicated to Bishop Diego Ventaja, made in bronze, and to Miguel de Cervantes, in plaster on a granite base. Finally enjoy Sierra Nevada National Park for hiking or cycling. For example, the one that leads to Polarda Rock from where you have a magnificent view of the valleys of Fiñana-Abrucena and Andarax.

Jorquera, one of the smallest towns in Spain and with the best views

Jean jacket

Jorquera, in the province of Albacete

This small town in the province of Albacete does not reach four hundred inhabitants. But, if it stands out for anything, it is because of its spectacular location which gives you extraordinary views. It is situated on a hill hewn vertically above the spectacular Hoz of Jucar.

It was very important in Muslim times, as evidenced by its Almohad walls of the twelfth century. Of these remains, in addition to several canvases, the Dona Blanca Tower, currently restored. Out of curiosity, we will tell you that, according to legend, in the old town castle the Champion of El Cid when I was on my way to Valencia.


But we also recommend you to visit the Parish Church of the Assumption, cataloged as a Property of Cultural Interest. It was built in the 16th century in a transitional style between Gothic and Renaissance. It has a single covered nave in the shape of a ribbed vault. Inside, pay particular attention to the Maldonado Chapel, the Processional Cross and the painting titled The Contemplation of Saint Francis.

Sabinosa, a town in El Hierro


View of Sabinosa

Even the pretty Canary Island of The iron It has one of the smallest towns in Spain. Moreover, it is the only town in the western part of the gulf valley. It is called Sabinosa due to the large number of junipers in the area and has barely three hundred inhabitants.

You can contemplate the concentrations of this maquis by doing some of the many hiking trails it offers. Some cross the Mencatefe Nature Reserve and yet another will take you to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Kings patron saint of the island.

Also, in the part closest to the coast, you can see the well of health, with its medicinal waters. You have the opportunity to enjoy it in the spa hotel that benefits from it. But we also advise you to stroll through the alleys of Sabinosa, contemplating its houses with traditional Canarian architecture. Finally, enjoy your excellent white sand beach.

Viniegra de Abajo, a small town in La Rioja

Viniegra from below

Panoramic view of Viniegra de Abajo

Very different is this small town of Riojan which lies in the foothills of the Urbion Peaks. Despite its name, it is almost nine hundred meters above sea level (Viniegra from above it is more than a thousand hundred) and it is a land of cattle and nomadic tradition.

It has barely a hundred inhabitants, but it offers you dreamy mountainous landscapes. You can enjoy them by doing beautiful hiking trails like the one that goes from the city to suction cupwhich crosses the Urbion river valley or the one who reaches the Mansilla Reservoir.

But this small town also has interesting monuments. In addition to some Indian houses, we advise you to see the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption built in the 16th century, although it houses Romanesque baptismal fonts from the 13th century.

You can also visit the Hermitages of Solitude, from Santiago (Viniegra pattern) and from San Millan or go up to statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which dominates the city from the top of Mount Turza. All this without forgetting its particular fountains like the Cuatro Caños or the Fuentina.

In conclusion, we have shown you the seven the smallest towns in Spain. All of them stand out both for their small population and for their scenic and monumental beauty. But we also want to invite you to know other cities that, without being so small, do not reach the dimensions of large capitals either. For example, towns in the county of Norena in Asturias, with its five thousand inhabitants, or Nightshade in Castellón, with barely two thousand five hundred. Don’t you want to know these cities with so much history?

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