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6 cheap destinations in Europe

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Tallinn in Estonia

if we talk about visit European places, the most famous cities always come to mind, such as Rome, London or Paris. But Europe is much more, there are towns and corners that are charming and have a lot to offer, especially if we are looking for a low cost destination for our next vacation.

If your budget is tight but you refuse to stay home, check these 6 cheap destinations to see in Europe. Interesting cities where you can discover authentic jewels that you did not expect. Because there is life beyond the most popular cities, and good travelers dare everything.

Lyon, France

Lyons in France

This French city is the third largest, after Paris and Marseille. It is the capital of the Rhône and is bordered by the Rhône and the Saône. Much of its territory has been proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so we find ourselves in a very dynamic city. The Quarter Fourvière It is one of its most interesting neighborhoods, where there are many churches and it is also where the Romans settled, which is why we find Roman ruins and the amphitheater. This upper area of ​​the city is accessible by funicular. You can also see the old town with Renaissance buildings such as St. Paul’s Cathedral. On the other hand, in the Presqu’île, a small island between the rivers, we find Place Bellecour and a Ferris wheel that will serve as a landmark from other parts of the city.

Tallinn in Estonia


City of Tallinn in Estonia stands out above all for its old town, because the old town retains all the charm of the Middle Ages. Currently, it still retains part of the outer enclosure, 20 defensive towers and two entrance gates to the old quarter. Some of these towers are open to the public and even have a museum or exhibition, such as the Gorda Margarita, with the Maritime Museum. From the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which always has a great atmosphere, you can walk around the old town through Viru Street, which is the most commercial. Although it is an old city, it is currently very modernized, so much so that they even offer Wi-Fi in almost all areas of the city.

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Ljubljana in Slovenia


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The capital of Slovenia is a small city, but it has a lot of charm. Its beautiful castle is one of its great attractions, as it stands on a massif in the heart of the city and has existed since 1144, although it was renovated in the 15th century. It is currently used for events and weddings, and you can freely visit and have a snack in its bars. Another place that can be seen is Preseren Square, from where many tours depart to see the most important areas of the city. The Dragon Bridge, Art Nouveauflanked by four dragons is another of the symbols of the welcoming city.

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Krakow in Poland

Krakow in Poland

The capital of Poland is the third largest city in the country and was proclaimed World Heritage in 1978. There are many things to see in this city, especially since it was marked by the Nazi occupation during the Second World War and the creation of the Jewish ghetto of Porgorze. One of the things not to miss is the Wawel Castle complex along the bank of the Vistula. There’s plenty to see, from the Royal Palace to the Dragon’s Cave, where the Wawel Dragon is said to have hid from popular legends. Another must visit is Oskar Schindler’s Factory. If the movie “Schindler’s List” sounds familiar to you, it was based on real events, on how this businessman helped over a thousand Jews to save their lives. There is a permanent exhibition on the Nazi occupation.

Bucharest in Romania


Bucharest is the capital of Romania and is another interesting find for traveling minds. In this city is the largest administrative building after the Pentagon, the People’s Palace, where the Parliament is located. There are legends that say that below there are several bunkers to hide and even a secret subway line. You can take tours of this building for a small fee. In addition, you must see the old part of the city, where ruins of the ancient medieval town and Orthodox churches are found among modern restaurants and pubs.

Saint Petersburg in Russia


In the western or European zone of Russia, we find the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg. One of the essential visits is the hermitage museum, one of the largest in the world and which occupies the former residence of the Russian tsars. Also very touristy and striking is the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, built on the spot where Russian Tsar Alexander II was assassinated. St. Isaac’s Cathedral is the largest and most important religious building in the city, with spectacular interior decoration.

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