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5 Typical Clothing in FRANCE

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Today, France is synonymous with fashion. The French fashion industry is strong, and Paris has long since become the Mecca of the textile design universe, but if we make history, What is the typical clothing of France?

In today’s article we will talk about what the typical clothes of France are.

The typical clothes of France

Beyond that Paris is the Mecca of contemporary fashion, the truth is that Europe or the western world has been looking to this country for a long time to define fashion styles. It happened during the time of the Luises, for example, when a dress, a color or a hairstyle that appeared at court was quickly all the rage.

But what is certain is that French culture has centuries of history and that is why it has accumulated customs and traditions when it comes to clothing, so you have to leave the capital and see what is happening there a long time ago in other parts of the country. It is from these distant centuries that the typical costumes that today represent the different regions of France come.

So first of all we can talk about the typical costume of the Alsatian region. Alsace is a historical, cultural and administrative region located in the northeast of the country, right on the border with Switzerland and Germany. Culturally it is more related to its neighbours, but it has belonged to France since World War II, so today the predominant language is French.

The typical costume of Alsace it’s white, red and black. The women they wear one ankle length skirt with a corset dark that squeezes a White blouse with a huge, elegant collar and knotted sleeves. In front of the skirt there is a apron decorated with embroidery.


Under the fake, she wears white stockings with black flats. On their head they wear a headdress in the form of butterfly wings. It used to be much bigger, but modern life has made it smaller.

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The Alsatian man costume It is a set of black pants and vest with white shirt with a dark bow. The jacket has a lot golden buttons (underneath they usually wear a red waistcoat), and they also wear a sWide brim felt hat. You will see it if you go to Strasbourg and enjoy a typical festival.


The Typical Breton costume it is also very pretty. Brittany is the Celtic region of France and the typical costume today it focuses on cultural and folkloric events. As for women’s clothing the skirt is decorated with embroidery there are many varieties, and the wide white lace headdress originally served not only to hold and house hair but also to pick up things, seeds, mushrooms, whatever, when they were in the fields.

For its part men usually wear a jacket and waistcoat, there is a lot of blue color and a golden belt to which the wide pants are attached. On their feet they wear black boots. This description is general but brief, the truth is that in the region there are more than 60 typical cut styless and it’s hard to categorize them all, but basically the common denominator is lace and aprons.

The typical costume of Arles is very Provençal. Arles is a city in the south of the country, a traditional territory crossed by the Rhône and one of the first Greek and Roman colonies. The typical costume of women it is very symbolic in its elements.

For example, there is a key that symbolizes the trust that lies in the man, her husband, to secure the house, there are earrings that are supposed to prevent children from getting sick, and there is also a ribbon of velvet full of decorations. The more ornaments, the higher the social status of its wearer.

If you travel through France, you will see these Arles costumes on the first Sunday of July. On this day a distillery of typical costumes is made. The best typical costume is voted on and chosen, so those who parade take great care in the preparation. If you see him known, I will tell you that he became popular in France and perhaps abroad at the beginning of the 20th century, precisely with this Costume party.

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The typical costume of the Paris region it is perhaps the one that represents the political and cultural changes that France has experienced. There is a highly publicized and stereotypical typical costume that cinema, cartoons and novels have passed on to us: the man dressed like Marcel Marceau and black, red, striped prints and a beret. We can also think of scarves, gloves and elegant coats instead of coats nylon.

And that’s how. French women are generally very elegant, men too. It is true that we foreigners limit ourselves to considering the French as Parisians, but that is the main idea of ​​French fashion. Even like that. as we have seen today, outside of Paris there is an ancient world of traditions and customs which gave different shapes, textures and colors to the clothes of its inhabitants.

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