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5 towns that look like they’re straight out of Disney stories

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5 towns that look like they're straight out of Disney stories

We all like to see beauty, right? I think I’m not the only one who, while traveling, goes in search of the perfect print or photograph to frame, am I? (Although it’s also true that beauty can be found even in the darkest corners).

It is for this reason that today I present to you 5 towns that look like they’re straight out of Disney stories… Do you remember this scene from the animated movie “The beauty and the Beast” where Bella was reading a book sitting on a fountain, with the image of the town square behind her? Well, when I was little I dreamed of finding a real place and not imagined or fictitious, like this one… Until today!

La Petite-Pierre, in France

5 towns that seem to be taken from Disney tales - Le Petit

La Petite-Pierre is a French commune located in the Alsace region. Its population does not reach one thousand inhabitants but it has very beautiful streets, neat, clean and adorned with all kinds of floral decorations.

In this small town stands out the Bastion or ‘castle’ and its Notre-Dame church.

If you decide to visit this small but pretty French town, we recommend the SPA Hotel Au Lion D’Or 3 stars, and with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 given by users and visitors who have already stayed there.

You don’t want to visit it just by seeing this picture?

Bagnone, Italy

5 towns that seem to be taken from Disney stories - Bagnone

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Bagnone is another small town, located in the Tuscany Region (I am in love with this Italian region!), more precisely with the province of Massa-Carrara. He has just over 2,000 inhabitants and what I like the most is that it is located on a kind of rocky hill, where its houses and floors are made of vast stones and you can go from one sidewalk to another thanks to the bridges typical of stone and verdigris.

Rothenburg in Germany

5 towns that look like they're straight out of Disney stories - Rothenburg

Rothenburg is much larger than the other two towns we’ve seen so far, both in population and area. In fact it is not a city, it is a city of the federal state of Bavaria, in Germany.

around 11,000 inhabitants and has 3 tourist attractions:

  1. Their historical Center: Surrounded by perfectly preserved medieval architecture, there are cobbled streets and squares with half-timbered houses.
  2. The St. James Church: Built in the Gothic style between the years 1311 and 1485.
  3. Their battlements: It has a walled enclosure in the shape of an “eight” (8), with double bastions and on its stone one can find an engraving which says the following (in German): “Peace to those who enter, prosperity to those who Go”.
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Now, why do I think of Rothenburg as a town, in this case a town, as something out of a Disney story? Because if you walk through its streets you will see houses and apartments painted in bright and cheerful colors, and the fact that its roads are made of cobblestones makes it even more charming… Also, rarely the window of the house that we find without decorating it with flowers. This city is beautiful!

Bled, Slovenia

5 Towns That Seem From Disney Stories - Bled

If there is something about Bled that makes this town charming in many photographs taken by travelers, it is its large glacial lakeand in the center of it, a small island with a church.

I think the pictures speak for themselves but let’s take this place one step further. It is located in the Julian Alps, more precisely in the northwest of Slovenia. The village approximately 6,000 inhabitantsto be enjoyed all year round sporting activities, such as golf, fishing, horseback riding and/or hiking by the mountains and the paths that surround it.

What is curious about this city is that it was visited by great figures of the aristocracy (perhaps because it is a remote place, perhaps because its environment and location make it an appropriate place for a retreat of rest…).

Shirakawa Village, Japan

Shirakawa-go, Gifu Prefecture, Japan --- Image by © Hiromi Morita/Aflo/Corbis

In Shirakawa, mountains and forests occupy 96% of the territory, the remaining 4% is intended for agricultural land. With this information, I think you can already imagine what you can find in this city… All green during the little summer there is in the place and all white when it snows… And the truth, whether it snows or not, leaves super beautiful imprints of a dream place. And if not, judge for yourself…

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Did you like these cities? Did you know of its existence? Have you been lucky enough to be in any of them? If so and you have curious information about any of these places, leave it in the comment section. Which of them captivated you the most?

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