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5 Places to Visit on Holiday in SPAIN

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The answer to the question where to go on holiday in spain it is multiple. That is to say, it does not admit a single answer. Our country is full of charming places where you can enjoy wonderful days of rest. From the north with its green nature, its wild beaches and its delicious gastronomy to the south with its enviable climate, the joy of its inhabitants and its wide sandbanks, all of Spain is worth seeing.

And all this without mentioning the history Castile Yes Aragon the sun Valence (here we leave you an article about this city) or the singular Catalonia. However, we are going to recommend five destinations for you to go on vacation in Spain.

Five unique destinations for an unforgettable vacation

For all that we have told you, we are going to make a sketchy effort to recommend five of the places where you can enjoy unforgettable holiday in spain. We will try to ensure that they belong to all corners of our country and that they are as representative as possible of its rich diversity.

San Sebastian and the Basque coast

Mount Igeldo

Mount Igueldo

We will start our recommendations in northern Spain. We could tell you about the monumental Santanderhistory Asturias or the precious Galician coasts. But we chose the capital of Guipuzcoa because, in our opinion, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

It is no coincidence that it has been one of the most visited holiday destinations in our history. the precious La Concha Bay with its beach, was a bathing place even for royalty and many of its buildings respond to this historical splendour.

You can start your visit to San Sebastián at old part with its fishing port and cobbled streets full of taverns where you can savor the famous pintxos. We also advise you to visit the impressive Baroque Basilica of Santa María del Coro and the Gothic Church of San Vicente. You will also find in this district the museums of San Telmo, on Basque history, and Naval. Don’t forget to get on the Mount Urgull where you can enjoy extraordinary views of the bay.

However, perhaps even more famous is the other mountain at the opposite end of La Concha. We tell you about Mount Igueldo in which, in addition to the landscape, you have an amusement park in the style Belle Epoque with dizzying roller coasters. To get there, you can use the old funicular, which has been running since 1912.

Finally, you have to see in San Sebastian the so-called romantic neighborhood, which coincides with the expansion area of ​​the city and includes buildings from the end of the 19th century such as the old building of the Gran Casino, the Victoria Eugenia theater or the María Cristina hotel. However, perhaps the most iconic building in this part of town is the Good Shepherd Cathedral built in 1897 according to neo-Gothic canons.


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The basque coast

The town of Getaria


But the wonders of a holiday in Guipúzcoa do not stop at San Sebastián. We advise you to visit the neighboring towns on the Basque coast. And especially, Hernani whose old town is a Property of Cultural Interest; Azcoitia with many monumental constructions such as its tower houses; Hondarribia with its imposing walls or its small fishing villages like Getaria where you will find wonderful beaches.

Cordoba and its cities, among the essential places to spend a good holiday

Cordoba Mosque

The Mosque of Cordoba

If you are wondering where to go on vacation in Spain, now we are going to tell you about a destination that you should visit at least once in your life. We refer to historic Cordoba, with its Caliphal tradition and its marvelous monuments. It is no coincidence that it is the city with the most titles of patrimonium of mankind of the world.

Founded by the Romans in the 2nd century BC, Cordoba has many monuments from all eras, although it reached its peak under Muslim rule, when it was the capital of the Caliphate.

The Roman theater, the bridge and the temple, among other constructions, belong to the Latin period. But the great symbol of the city is the famous Mosque, built in the 8th century on the remains of an old Visigothic church. In itself, that would be reason enough to visit Cordoba.

Even today it is the third largest in the world after Mecca and the mosque in Istanbul, although it is now a Catholic cathedral. Among what you can see there are the Patio de los Naranjos, the Renaissance bell tower, the many gates such as the Postigo del Palacio or Santa Catalina and the famous hypostyle hall. But also the choir, the main altarpiece or the spectacular macura.

As you might have guessed, the mosque is not the only monument from the Muslim era that you can see in Cordoba. The mills of the Guadalquivir or the Caliphal baths are also part of it. But the most important thing is the imposing medina azahara.


Located about eight kilometers from Cordoba, at the foot of Sierra Morenais an ancient palatine city built by the Caliph Abderraman III. Despite its age, it is very well preserved. Among the wonders you can see there are the Great Portico, the upper building of the Basilica, the Rico Room or the House of Jafar.

Cities of Cordoba

Almodóvar del Rio

View of Almodovar del Río

Since you are in Cordoba, we advise you to also visit cities like Montillawith the remains of its ancient castle; Itinerarywith its Arab vestiges, and Priego, with its neighborhood of La Villa and its Balcón de Adarve. But also baenawith its archaeological remains; Zuheroswhere is the bat cave; Almodóvar del Riowith its 14th century church, and hornachueloswith its palace and gardens of Moratalla, known as the “the Versailles of Cordoba”.

The unknown of Murcia, another place to go on holiday in Spain

Murcia's Trapery Street

Murcia (Trapería street), an ideal destination to go on holiday in Spain

Murcia is not among the most touristic places in our country. However, it has a lot to offer you. And we are not only talking about its wonderful beaches, especially those located in the surroundings of The Channel of the Mar Menor nor of its warm and pleasant climate.

The capital of the province itself has an enviable monumental complex. Its old quarter, around the Cardinal Belluga Square, is of great interest. There is the St. Mary’s Cathedral, which mixes Gothic, Renaissance and especially Baroque styles. In addition, its spectacular bell tower, with its 93 meters high, is the symbol of the city.

Next to the cathedral there is the old Major Seminary of San Fulgencio and the Episcopal Palace, both from the 18th century. But it is also necessary to stroll in the pedestrian streets of the center, like silverware and rags. In the first you can see several modernist buildings such as the old La Alegría de la Huerta warehouse, while in the second the Almodóvar Palace and the Gran Casino stand out.

On the other hand, another of the most important constructions in Murcia is the Monastery of Santa Clara la Realinside which, moreover, are the remains of the Alcazar Follow an Arab palace from the 13th century, and which offers you a museum of sacred and Andalusian art.

In short, we also advise you to see in the town of Segura its modernist palaces and buildings. Among the first, those of Pérez-Calvillo, Vinader, Fontes and Almudí. And, concerning the latter, the Díaz-Cassou, Almansa, Guillamón houses and the Verónicas market.

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City Rodrigue

City Rodrigue

City Hall of Ciudad Rodrigo

We have told you about the places to go on holiday in Spain which are in the north, south and east. We will now do it from a beautiful city that is to the west. We refer to Ciudad Rodrigo, all this has been declared Historical Art Complex.

Recognition will not surprise you if you are told that its monumental heritage begins with itself battlements, which are still almost intact today. Once inside the city, you have marvels like the Henry II Castle, dated 14th century; the city ​​hall Renaissance style or passion hospital.

But it also has Ciudad Rodrigo with important religious architecture. In it stands out the St. Mary’s Cathedral, a Romanesque work in transition to Gothic and whose main chapel houses a spectacular Hispano-Flemish altarpiece. You should also visit the churches of San Andrés and San Cristóbal and the spectacular Chapel of Cerralboof Herrerian style, as well as the convent of San Agustín and the Seminario of San Cayetano.

Finally, returning to civil architecture, we also recommend that you visit the houses of the Vázquez and de la Cadena families and the palaces of the Marquesa de Cartago and the Águila family in Ciudad Rodrigo.

The towns of Soria


A street in Calatañazor

We now travel to rural Spain to offer a journey through the towns of Soria, some of which are some of the most beautiful in the country. We’re talking about places like Burgo de Osma with its spectacular cathedral of Santa María de la Asunción, its former hospital of San Agustín and its castle, the remains of which are preserved.

But we also refer to peoples like Catalanazor which retains all its medieval charm; medinacelia with its castle, ducal palace and collegiate church, or Warehouse with its great Romanesque heritage.

And even lesser known ones like Yangua which also has an imposing castle; Rello nestled on a limestone rock, or Monteagudo of the Vicariates, which, in the absence of a castle, has two: Raya and Recompensa Palace. All this without forgetting the natural wonders such as Vinuesa located at the foot of the Urbión peak and the famous Laguna Negra.

In conclusion, we told you about five places where to go on holiday in spain. But the richness and diversity of our country are so great that we could offer you many more. For example, the precious Costa Brava a visit from Cadiz cities (here you have an article about them), the monumental city of Burgos waves Upper and Lower Galician Rias. Don’t you think of wonderful destinations?

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