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5 nudist beaches in Spain to be as natural as possible

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Maspalomas Beach

Summer is fast approaching ! If you like natural and want to save a lot on swimwear, then your option is in the beaches where you can practice nudism. In Spain there are many official beaches for nudism, and some where it has become more of a custom, although people can go naked or clothed, depending on their taste.

Today we show you 5 big and famous nudist beaches in Spain to be able to look as natural as possible. These beaches not only have the particularity of allowing naturism or nudism, but they are also beautiful beaches, in natural settings on many occasions, so they are worth visiting just for the beauty of their surroundings. Take note of these beautiful beaches and their location.

Figueiras Beach in Cíes

Figueres Beach

If you have heard of the Cies Island You probably know Rodas Beach, which The Guardian newspaper named the best beach in the world. But maybe you don’t know that right next to this famous beach with white sand and turquoise waters there is another with the same characteristics but which allows you to practice nudism. It is a bit smaller and you have to walk along a path to get there. Everything is very natural, and the truth is that it is hidden behind pine forests, so it is very intimate.

Getting to the Cíes Islands is easy, as there are daily ferry from the towns of Vigo and Cangas in the province of Pontevedra, during the high season. Of course, if you want to stay at the campsite, you have to book in advance, because in summer it gets busy very quickly. But you can still spend the whole day on the beaches, visit Figueiras, where you can practice nudism freely.

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Maspalomas beach in Gran Canaria

nudist beaches

This beach is located in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, and it is not only a sandy area in which to swim, but much more. We have the Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve, which extends to the beach, with three ecosystems, the Palmeraie, the Etang and the Dunes. Another must-see of this beach is its old lighthouse, which has existed since the 19th century. Previously in a solitary environment, this lighthouse is now at the start of a bustling promenade full of tourists, who come to one of Gran Canaria’s most famous beaches every year.

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From the lighthouse and heading for the dunes along the shore, we arrive at Punta de Maspalomas, where Playa del Inglés begins. On this tour, the nudist area begins between the beach bar 3 and 4and there are also less crowded and secluded areas where you can also do naturism.

Roche lighthouse in Conil de la Frontera

Roche Lighthouse

It is not a beach in itself, but a group of separate small coves sometimes by rocks which start from the promenade of the Phare de Roche. The first is Cala del Faro, which is closed to the public due to the poor condition of the stairs to descend from the cliff, so we will have to continue walking until the second cove, Tío Juan de Medina, which is much wider and It is sheltered, so you can always enjoy a pleasant climate. It is reached by descending stairs which do not present any difficulty. It is a nudist cove, but the truth is that it has been frequented by many people for a long time, so there are people who do not do nudism. Many nudists have gone to the cove that is between it and Cala del Pato, which apparently has no name, and which must be accessed from Cala del Pato, since it has no stairs. A more intimate and solitary place for naturists.

Las Gaviotas beach in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Las Gaviotas Beach

Here we are in front of another of those beaches where there are both nudists and people in bathing suits, and it’s that mutual respect is breathed, everyone can do what they want. This beach has a high occupancy rate in summer, as it is known to be far from the most touristic places, a place to forget the noisy leisure areas, but which is becoming increasingly popular with people. It’s a black sand beach, whose location means that during certain months of the year in the afternoon it is in the shade, so it is best to go there in the morning. In addition, it is easy to get there, since there is a parking lot at the end of a path that leads to the beach.

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Barronal Beach in Níjar

Barronal Cove

This beach is located in Cape of Gata, Almería, between the famous beaches of Mónsul and Genoveses. To get there, you must continue from Mónsul by car and before reaching Genoveses Park in a designated area. From here there is an easy path to the beach. It is a beach less frequented than the others, and for this reason it has naturally become the nudist beach of the region, although it is not officially recognized.

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