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5 beautiful beaches in Cyprus to enjoy in summer 2016

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Beaches in Cyprus

Do you think about the holiday 2016? What do you think Cyprus, the island of the sun? This Mediterranean island attracts tourists every year and has what that means, a trail of beautiful beaches, many of which are blue flag It is one of its most precious treasures.

Summer cannot be without the beach, the sea, the sun and beautiful landscapes to delight the eyes, relax, eat and drink. And nothing more. In this world of savage capitalism where we spend all our time working, we deserve this peace. So, if this Mediterranean island can be on your way this summer, I leave you here five beautiful beaches in cyprus.

Coral Bay Beach

Coral Bay Beach

This beach proudly holds the category of blue flag. It is located in the Paphos region, in Pegeia, a famous seaside resort on the island. Have five hundred meters long and he’s very popular just because he’s so handsome.

The beach has golden sand and there are many families with children because the sea is calm and calm thanks to the fact that two limestone walkways surround it. The sea, the sand and on the other side a lot of vegetation complete the postcard and enhance its beauty. Being a popular beach, it is organized in such a way that there are showers, public toiletsrooms to change clothes and maybe rent deck chairs and umbrellas.

Coral Bay Beach 1

There are stalls that rent water sports equipment, recycling bins here and there and lots of restaurants, cafes, bars and stalls that only sell fish. And of course there are plenty of accommodation options around. People arrive on foot, by bicycle, by car or by bus. There is parking nearby and the bus stop is also nearby. And a ramp is added in case you access it with a wheelchair or with the child’s stroller.

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Konnos Beach

Konnos Beach

What a sea color! Light blue with blue flecks, a beauty. this beach it is located about four kilometers from Agia Napa, a famous seaside resort in Cyprus. We found her on the road between Protaras and Cape Gkreko.

Have 200 meters long and it has a lot of beauty and quaint appearance. The sand is fine and golden and the waters are calm and they are sheltered from the winds so the waves are almost a caress. It has public toilets, a place to change clothes in case you arrive by bus or without a bathing suit, sunbeds and parasols for rent and it does not miss beach bar where music plays and they serve fresh food and drinks.

Konnos Beach 1

of this beach you can go to the nearby beaches and that is why small boats come and go and there is no lack, on the beaches of the surroundings, of larger boats which transport tourists or divers. From the beach there are hotels with rooms facing the sea, which must be a luxury, and there are restaurants and mini markets nearby. In other words, it’s a beach from which you can go out and buy something, come back, come and go and hang out all day.

You will also like the access to the beach and you will devote more than one photograph to it. It is a path lined with pine trees and vegetation that is just beginning to give you a great view of the sea. And if you want to walk a bit from Konnos, you can enter the national forest parkmember of the Natura 2000 project in Europe, a good place to do Trek, and even, Dive.

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Konnos Beach 2

In Konnos, there is only a first aid and rescue station in certain months of the year: April, May, September and October and between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. In June, July and August, it is between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. How to get to Konnos beach? On foot, by bike (this is my proposal), or by car, but forget the bus because there is none.

Glyki Nero Beach

Glyki Nero Beach

Just one kilometer from the popular and bustling resort town of Agia Napa is this beautiful little beach called Gliki Nero. He has 250 meters long and reaches the caves of Agia Napa and the port area, another sight to see.

gliki nero

As it is also a popular beach, it is organized with its visitors in mind and there are bathrooms and sun loungers, umbrellas and water sports equipment for rent rather straightforward. Yes there are kiosks and restaurants to eat around in addition to the fact that accommodations have also been located in the area.

Regarding the lifeguards, they are in summer between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and April, May, September and October begin and end their service one hour before. This is a Blue Flag beach and is located in Ammochostos.

Santa Barbara Beach

Santa Barbara Beach

This narrow pebble beach, it is in the spa resort of Agios Tychonas, in the district of Lemesos. Sand and pebbles, rather, but more pebbles than sand. The sea is also calm there because there is an artificial reef that stops the waves. It makes the place so good to go snorkeling and diving.

the ancient city of Amathunta, a port city, was located near from the beach. There’s a nice scenic trail through what’s left of it. Parasols and loungers, kiosks and restaurants have been placed on a step or terrace and if your thing is sunbathing, reading and chatting and not playing in the sand, this is an ideal beach.


Saint Barbara

A no less important detail: This is a Blue Flag beach.

Pissorouri Beach

Pisouri Beach

This pretty Cypriot beach It is in the region of Lemesos, about 30 kilometers from the city. In fact, it’s the spa for everyone who lives there. The natural landscapes are magnificent and the beach is a pleasant stretch of golden sand mixed with small pebbles. The waters are usually quite calm and crystal clear and in the surroundings if you walk a bit you will come across the white cliffs of cape Aspro. What pictures!

pisouri 1

At one end of the beach there are small sandy coves And if you climb the cliff, the views are the best: the horizon, the beach, the seabirds and with a bit of luck a sea turtle that comes to lay eggs.

Cyprus is a great summer destination, so you have one here too organized beach which has bathrooms, a place to change clothes and umbrellas and deck chairs for rent. There are five public trails, two of which are suitable for people with disabilities, and there is also a beach volleyball court and the possibility of practicing water sports. Restaurants, kiosks and shops are close to the beach but otherwise in the village of Pissoroui there is more variety and the best part is that it is a more traditional place.

The bus comes here.

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