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20 things to do if you come to Galicia (II)

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Castros de Barona

Here we are again finishing this long list of things to do if you come to Galicia. And the worst part is that we probably have many other things left, because I never tire of discovering new landscapes, gastronomy to try and places to visit this particular land called Galicia.

If you want to come here, mark it list of things not to miss, although we are almost sure that you will return, because there is always something you leave for other occasions, because you will always have something ‘desire of you’ once you discover Galicia. We warn, this earth commits, and with these 20 things to do, we fail.

11- Climb all the steps of the Tower of Hercules

Tower of Hercules

As we like unique things, we also have the only Roman lighthouse in perfect condition still in operation. This tower dates from the 1st century and is a World Heritage Site. has exactly 234 stepsthe visit is therefore reserved for the most athletic who wish to climb them all to enjoy the view of the sea.

12-See the botafumeiros fly


when we go to Santiago Cathedral there are things not to miss like seeing the Portico de la Gloria, visiting the tomb of the apostle, kissing the figure of the apostle Santiago and also seeing the ritual in which they make the botafumeiros fly. This enormous 53 kilo botafumeiros can be seen in operation on Sundays at the noon mass and in Holy Years at the pilgrim mass.

13-Be surprised by the Fervenza do Ézaro

Ezaro Waterfalls

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We continue with the unique and unrepeatable things of Galicia, and that is that it is the only waterfall in Europe that flows directly into the sea. It is practically in the town that bears the name of Ézaro , in Dumbría, on the famous Costa da Morte. In addition to the beautiful waterfall, you can walk along a beautiful promenade.

14-Living the fires of the Apostle

The fires of the apostle

The Apostle’s Fires are a pyrotechnic show around Santiago Cathedral to celebrate the Apostle’s Day. the night of July 24, since the 25th is the day of the Apostle, a public holiday throughout Galicia. If you want to see them in the front row in the Plaza del Obradoiro, you have to be seated hours before, because it’s full of pilgrims, locals and tourists who want to see the show. Fortunately, there are many other points in the city from which these fires can be observed.

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15-Taste the octopus in feira on pilgrimage

fair octopus

It is a basic that can never be missing during your visit to Galicia. But the octopus can’t be eaten anywhere. It must be in a pilgrimage with bagpipes playing in the background, with a cup of very spicy local red wine, in the typical grocery stores found in these popular festivals. Any Galician will tell you without a doubt that this is where it tastes the best.

16-Try the Albariño, if possible at your party

Albariño wine from Galicia

The Albariño Festival It takes place in Cambados, the first weekend of August, and is filled with onlookers who want to taste the wines of the region’s cellars, which have set up their stalls in the center of the town. It is a party that lasts several days and in which you can try many brands of Albariño in the stalls. In addition, as a souvenir, you will take home a crystal glass, which everyone usually wears around their necks and which can be bought in the same stalls.

17-Relive the Celtic past at the Castros de Baroña

Castros de Barona

These forts are the vestige of the celtic population in the Galician past. The Castros de Baroña are located in Porto do Son, on the coast, and are spectacular for being located on a peninsula facing the sea, in a rocky area. Up to twenty houses with a circular plan have been preserved, of an occupation that dates back to the 1st century BC and can be seen at any time and from any era.

18-Do the route of the Sil Canyons

Canyons of Sil

The Sil Canyons are located in the area of ​​the Ribeira Sacra, another place with wines with denomination of origin. There is a lot of tourism in the area, since there are catamaran routes to enjoy these spectacular landscapes, where you can taste these wines, as well as visit the wineries, making it a unique and very interesting experience.

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19-Become mystical with the queimada ritual


Who hasn’t heard of the burned? This strong drink that is made around a ritual to ward off witches and evil spirits that can torment us. The ideal is to see how they do it in a dark place, with the flames coming out of the drink and reciting the typical incantation of the queimada. A mystical moment not to be missed.

20-Go back in time with historical festivals

Arde Lucus evening in Lugo

Something more recent is the proliferation of feasts fixed at other times. The Arde Lucus in Lugo which tells about its Roman past, the Arribada in Baiona which tells us about the arrival of the caravels at the port, or the different medieval fairs that take place in different parts of the country, such as the Feira Franca de Pontevedra. An excuse to party and dress up at the same time.

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