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20 things to do if you come to Galicia (I)

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Landscape of Cape Finisterre

We Galicians are very proud of what is ours, of our culture and of everything that defines us as Galicians, and we always say it that way, with pride but in a low voice, like someone who does not don’t want it, because pride is not our thing, but yes to brag about what we know to be good. Therefore, if you liked to know the part of Galifornia that Galicia has, now you must know the 20 things you must do yes or yes when coming to Galicia.

There are many things that we would like to show you, details and corners that are special, because it seems that we never end know all the spaces of Galicia. Beaches and mountains, traditions and cities in which beautiful old neighborhoods mingle with more modern neighborhoods. This is Galicia, a mix of everything, where there is always something new to discover.

1-Sit on the bench with the best views in the world

Bank of Loiba in Galicia

Because we even have records that surprise everyone, and things that are unique, and have no comparison. If you want to enjoy breathtaking views, we suggest you sit on the bench with the best views in the world. It is located on the Cliffs of Loiba, in Ortigueiraand you can see from Cape Estaca de Bares to Cape Ortegal.

2-Go to various food festivals

fair octopus

Here there is something for everyone and throughout the year. Our gastronomy is exceptional and there are undoubtedly many Denominations of Origin worth trying. You have the seafood festival in O Grove, the cheese festival in Arzúa or the octopus festival in O Carballiño. During in the summer these evenings multiply and they allow you to try the highlights of Galician gastronomy while listening to a muiñeira.

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3-Winning Compostela on the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

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This title of pilgrim is obtained by having traveled 100 kilometers on foot or 200 by bicycle. But the important thing is not to arrive, but enjoy the road, meet people, stop a little to discover the world. For many, it changes their life and their way of seeing things. All you have to do is choose between the different routes that arrive in Santiago.

4-Live the Cíes experience

Rodas Beach in Cíes

Here we don’t want to refer to just one thing. When you arrive at Cíes you have to do several things. Climb to its lighthouse at the top to see the impressive sunset, bathe in these clear waters that seem to come from the Caribbean and discuss if Rodas beach is the most beautiful in the world. As a good Galician, you will say that everything depends.

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5-Discover that rain is an art in Santiago

Rain in Santiago

Lose yourself in the old town, preferably at night when everything seems much more mystical, and look and listen. These days when it rains, which are many, you can live the rain magic in Santiago. To stop to contemplate the beauty of the wet stone, the sound of the rain and above all the fresh smell that remains, is to experience the art of rain.

6-Exit the wild side of Viking Landing

Viking landing at Catoira

A great party to have fun and bring out the uncivilized person in all of us. It gives the feeling that at this party everything is allowed, throw yourself on the ground, stain people with red wine, while you drink the rest, shout and show your wild side. For a day you can be a real vikingdress like them and see the fun land on the first Sunday of August in Catoira.

7-Swimming in the hot springs of Outariz


There are many hot springs in Galicia, but the most famous is undoubtedly in Ourense and outside. The Termas de Outariz are outdoor swimming pools located on the right bank of the Miño River. They are large swimming pools for free use in a garden area, one with cold water and three with hot water with beneficial properties for the skin and the joints. After so many parties, a cure like this is in order.

8-Take a risk with Padrón Peppers

Padron peppers

With denomination of origin, they are the most famous peppers in all of Galicia, with international fame. Their food festival takes place in August, but if you don’t, you can always try them in restaurants. The theory is that ‘Pementos de Padrón, some are spicy and some are not’. In other words, some bite and some don’t, and you can only trust luck not to catch whoever bites. I’ve heard several theories to recognize which ones will really sting, but so far it seems to me that none of them work 100%, so in the absence of the secret, we’ll have to take a chance. Just in case, always have a cup of red wine handy.

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9-See the end of the world in Finisterre

Finisterre Lighthouse

The name comes from the end of the earth, from the time when the Romans thought that everything stopped there and beyond that there was only the sea and the edge of the world. You have to see the Finisterre Lighthouse, Cape Fisterra, which was the lighthouse at the end of the world. It is also where pilgrims arrive after leaving Santiago to complete the end of the road, which they say ends at the cross at the end of the road.

10-Visit Las Catedrales beach at low tide

Beach of the Cathedrals of Lugo

It is well known to all that at high tide you can hardly see them on this beach. Beauty comes when the the tide is low and you can walk along the beach enjoying the rock formations with the best perspective in the world.

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