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12 Most Beautiful Cities in ITALY

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Are you planning to travel to Italy? What a beautiful country ! With so many beautiful cities, it is really difficult to organize an itinerary so as not to leave anything unnoticed… Fortunately, you can write our article today on the most beautiful cities in Italy and take them into account.

Of From North to south, these are some of the most beautiful cities in Italy. To travel!


For many, it is the most romantic city in the country, the beautiful “the city of canals”, with its beautiful buildings, winding canals and rich cultural life. Artists and lovers have chosen it and continue to choose it.

Venice has more than 400 bridges including the famous bridge of sighs, and taking a gondola ride is the best (but not the cheapest) experience. When to visit Venice? In April, May, September or October that is, when there are fewer tourists and the temperatures are still warm and pleasant and It’s not that hot.


If you like fashion, nothing like it Elegant Milan, the Mecca of those who also like to shop. The shops on the Via Della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone they’re great, but it’s true that Milan is not just about fashion. Its museums are something beautiful, from Milan Cathedral the third largest in the world, passing by the famous Ladder and none of its palaces.

The best time to visit Milan also in April, May, September and October and for the same reasons: the days are still warm but not overpowering.


In general it is not among the best or most beautiful cities in Italy, but it definitely is and if you go there you will find out why. Turin is in the north of the country and its architecture has buildings of Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau and Neoclassical…Walking through its streets is like taking an artistic journey, but it also has squares and parks.

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The perfect background is Alps, just one hour away with its Ski stations and its truffles. how is the north should go in the summer, between June and August, the best months to enjoy its beauties outdoors. And yes, if you like winter sports and you can afford them, even in winter.


It is also beautiful and many tourists walk there too, but Trento is a beautiful destination that deserves to be on this list. He has one great gastronomy a beautiful natural environment and a varied offer for the tourist.

In winter you can practice typical cold sports such as skiing and snowboarding the quality of its snow is renowned and there are popular destinations such as San Martino, Castrozza, Canazei or Madonna di Campiglio.

The best time of year to visit Trento is May to September with its warmer temperatures and Small rain if you plan to do Trek, for example. Obviously, the Winter She is the queen of skiing.


If you like to eat, this is your city. you will taste tasty pizzas, pastas, cheeses, meats and the best Italian wines. Best of all, it’s not an expensive city, so you can hang out in bars or restaurants without breaking the bank.

And yes, it has other things besides food, remember that UNESCO declared it a long time ago Patrimonium of mankind. When should you go? In spring or autumn neither too cold nor too hot.



We are already in the center of Italy and we cannot make a list of the most beautiful cities in the country without naming its capital. Here are the most important buildings of the ancient Roman Empire: the Forum, the Colosseum, the Baths of Caracalla and much more, but it is also the city of Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps or Vatican and its treasures.

Trastevere This is the Roman quarter to spend the afternoon in, there are lots of old houses, charming streets and restaurants everywhere. Rome is a city you can always walk around in and spring or early fall are the best times to visit.


My favorite town. Florence’s culture and architecture are almost unparalleled. is the the most beautiful town in Tuscany, the city of Michelangelo and Dante, Galileo and Raphael. you will get bored visit museums and galleries but also to browse their medieval streets or ride a bike.

The essentials are the Duomo and the bell tower if you want the David, the Old Palace or the gardens of beauty Pitti Palace. But it’s the most popular of all when really the best is to go for a walk, walk more, just walk. Everything is wonderful.

The best time to visit Florence is May to September because it’s hot and there’s a lot of outdoor life. Don’t forget to eat at the Central Market.


If you’re already in Tuscany, you can’t leave Siena off the road. It’s beautiful and very romantic, with streets and buildings medieval. The Siena Cathedral It’s a Gothic-style beauty you won’t forget.

If you can choose a date, the best go mid to late spring, between April and May or in early fall, between September and October.


We went straight to southern Italy, the poorest part of the country but with lots of beauty. medieval. Bari is a charm with a delicious gastronomy and good port. In addition, it has superb beaches and very blue waters.

Bari is a postcard town where the best thing is to eat and walk and sunbathe on one of its beaches. This is why, without a doubt, leave when the days are the longest, in July. April is not really practical because it is the wettest month of the year and for lovers of the beach and the sea there is no worse news than the rain.


From its port leave the cruises to Greece, Croatia, Montenegro or Albania.


The Amalfi Coast It’s still a great destination. It’s the classic postcard of all the beauty that Italy can be and of the many coastal towns to be found here, Positano is undoubtedly the pearl. Have nightlife, good gastronomy, good wines and the best views yes If you rent a Vespa you will have the best time.

Sure, it’s not a cheap destination but you can still get away with spending little. It’s a good idea visit Positano in spring, between May and June always trying not to go in high season because it’s so crowded and the prices are skyrocketing.


It’s good in the south of the country and It’s not a very big city. If we compare Matera with other more popular Italian cities, it will seem small and with few tourists, but sometimes that’s the idea, isn’t it?

Matera it’s great in the warmer months, between May and October because it’s not raining much.


palermo is one of the most beautiful towns in Sicily, is in fact its cultural and economic capital and has everything to please tourists. Their street markets They are great, especially Capo and Vucciria, with fresh produce and lots of souvenirs to buy and give away.

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