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10 travel plans for Mother’s Day

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If your mother has an adventurous spirit, there is nothing better than preparing a plan to discover a little more of our geography. Because in the end, what counts are the experiences, and those who dedicate themselves to travel, to enrich their minds, know it well, so there is no better gift than a new experience with their children. . We present to you 10 travel plans for this Mother’s Day.

As a mother there is only one and they are the ones who have given us everything since childhood, they deserve to get out of the routine a little to take a little getaway in which we will connect a little more with our parents. Because they deserve the best and travel plans are always welcome.

1-Relax in a spa

Mondariz Spa

If moms need anything, it’s to relax once in a while, because they’re always on top of everything. So one of the best ideas that comes to us is to go to a spa on the weekend to get rid of stress. Some are historic, as they feed on thermal and medicinal waters. The Alhama de Granada spa has a swimming pool that collects water from the 12th century and modern facilities ranging from Jacuzzi to pressure techniques and thermal circuits. Also that of Mondariz in Galicia It’s a good idea, because it is one of the oldest in Spain and it is in a very quiet environment.

2-Go to a rural house

Fifth of San Amaro

Fifth of San Amaro

The tranquility of the countryside cannot be associated with anything, so if your mother is a city woman, there is no better experience than enjoying all that a rural home has to offer. In the Fifth of San Amaroin the Galician Rías Baixas you can enjoy restored historic stone buildings that combine tradition and modernity, have a drink in a restored attic or enjoy the swimming pool in good weather.

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3-Enjoy the best gastronomy


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If we cannot go very far, the best option is to enjoy the best gastronomic offer with the family. And if we travel too, of course. In the Repsol Guide You have great ideas for enjoying every getaway. Try seafood from Galicia, fried fish from the south or pintxos from the Basque Country. In mobile applications such as Google Maps, TripAdvisor or Yelp, you can easily search for the best restaurants wherever you are.

4-Hiking and beach in Cabo de Gata

Cape of Gata

If you don’t decide for the beach or the mountains, you can opt for a mix. In Cabo de Gata we are in a natural park where there are volcanic landscapes, hiking trails, cliffs and coves. Some emblematic corners are the Monsul Beach or that of the Almadraba, which cannot be missed on this trip. We will take the opportunity to get a colorcillo on the beach before summer.

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5-See the cherry blossoms in the Valle del Jerte

Jerte Valley

This beautiful valley is located in Extremadura, and in the spring it leaves us with one of the most beautiful images that we can imagine. The Cherry blossoms leaving some images of incredible beauty, and then you can see the rain of petals, a sight that can move anyone.

6-Nature getaway in the Picos de Europa

summits of europe

If we make a getaway to the Picos de Europa, we can include the rural house and the hiking trails in the plan, and we will still have time for more things. There are different plans, like going around this area in a balloon. Or we can be more classic and just go sightseeing around the Covadonga Lakes to visit the Sanctuary.

7-Sunbathing in the Canary Islands


If we don’t know if we’re going to have good weather, we have to go somewhere that guarantees us some sun, and nothing better than the Canary Islands. a getaway to Lanzarote or Tenerife It usually has a good price, so it’s a perfect trip. There are all-inclusive hotels where you only have to worry about doing nothing and sunbathing by the pool, so it’s a good plan to disconnect from the routine.

8-Enjoy the cultural offer

Guggenheim Museum

If we make a getaway to any city we can always enjoy it cultural show. In Madrid you have the musicals on the Gran Vía, or a visit to the Prado Museum. In Bilbao, you can enjoy contemporary art at the Guggenheim. Still talking about apps, Foursquare or Fever can help you find suitable plans to spend Mother’s Day wherever you are. Concerts at the theatre, musicals or films.

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9-Do the Gaudí route in Barcelona

Gaudí route

If your mother is a fan of this artist, nothing better to celebrate this day than to take the route through his most emblematic works in the city of Barcelona. Starting with the Sagrada Familia and continuing with Casa Batlló, La Pedreda and Casa Calvet. You also cannot miss Park Güell and the Gaudí House Museum.

10-Enjoy the Cordoba Patios Festival

cordovan patio

For mothers who have the most manicured balcony or garden in the world and are always buying new plants, it can be a wonderful experience. From May 4 to 17 the patios of the Cordovan houses are open so that people can see these beautiful open patios and the typical architecture of this region. A full-fledged spring spectacle full of flowers and colors.

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