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10 things to see in Lisbon

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If we had already told you about the prodigious Portuguese city of Porto, it is now the turn of the capital, Lisbon. The oldest capital in Western Europe hides many corners to see, with old alleys and modern spaces to enjoy. If you like cities steeped in history, this is definitely one of them.

Nail city ​​overlooking the sea, where we will find museums full of people, picturesque streets full of history, cafeterias with beautiful terraces and its famous trams to move from one place to another. This city has a lot to offer and here we tell you the most interesting ones.

1-Castle Saint-Georges

St. George's Castle

Dominating the whole city, this castle, erected sixth century. It has survived wars and even an earthquake, and it is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy the view of the whole city and the history of Lisbon. It is one of the essential things to see in Lisbon, and inside it houses a museum and also a camera obscura in the Ulysses Tower to see every corner of the city in real time.

2-Tower of Belém

belem tower

The Tower of Belém is a defensive structure built in the 16th century on the banks of the Tagus. Its great beauty is well known, and it has become one of the symbols of the city. It was also a tower to accommodate those returning home after leaving for distant destinations. Next to it is the Monument to the Discoveries.

3-Santa Justa Lift

Santa Justa Lift

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It’s one of the fastest ways to go from From Baixa to Bairro Alto. A neo-Gothic elevator 45 meters high whose structure is inspired by the Eiffel Tower. It admits 20 people to go up but only 15 to go down. Once at the top, it is recommended to cross the bohemian district of Chiado.


Alfama district

It’s a old fishing district, cradle of fado, this melancholy of the Portuguese people. An old quarter with narrow streets, one of the most authentic you can visit, with churches and typical tiled houses that you see all over Portugal. It can be reached by taking the nostalgic tram 28.

5-Take a tram


This is one of the most typical ways to get around Lisbon, taking one of these historic trams yellow. They cross the most interesting and picturesque places, and make even the steepest streets. The aforementioned tram 28 is an institution not to be missed, and tram 15 leads to Belem. Not all are vintage and nostalgic, some are modern, but it’s still a new experience for those who haven’t had one.

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6-Baixa district

From its name we will have already understood that this district is located in the lower part of the city. is the neighborhood more central and important of the city, so it will be a must visit. Restauradores Square has a beautiful obelisk, Commerce Square is one of the most beautiful and in Rossio Square we will find a lively atmosphere. In this neighborhood you just have to walk from one side to the other enjoying all that it offers.

7-Jerónimos Monastery

Monastery of Los Jeronimos

This monastery is another of the most interesting visits in the city. It was finished in the 16th century and is a very interesting monument. It has a church with six endless columns which are its main attraction. The cloister is also very beautiful, perfectly preserved and cared for, with beautiful gardens. Another must-have is the Tomb of Vasco da Gama.

8-Nations Park

Nations Park

In this park we will find the most contemporary architecture in the whole city. If there is one essential visit in this area, it is the Lisbon Oceanarium. It is the second largest aquarium in Europe, and in its two-story structure everything revolves around a large central aquarium. They will visit the marine species of the different oceans, with a guided tour.

9-Upper Ward


If La Baixa is the most popular and commercial district of the city, Bairro Alto is a more alternative and bohemian, especially if we refer to the Chiado district, which is said to be the Montmartre of Lisbon. Some neighborhoods with graffiti and where it is more likely that you can listen to the famous fados. One of the most popular places to stop is Cafe A Brasileira.

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10-Pasteis de Belém

Pasteis de Belem

If you go on a trip, it is necessary to try these dishes and Typical sweets. In Lisbon, no one leaves without having tasted the delicious pasteis de Belem, which are cream candies covered in sugar and cinnamon powder. If there is a typical place to buy them, it is in the bakery that bears the same name as the cakes, Pasteis de Belem, near the Jerónimos Monastery.

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