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10 Stunning Blue Flag Beaches in Spain

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rhodes beach

About Blue Flag Beaches This already seems familiar to all of us, and it is that Spain is one of the countries to which this distinction is granted. Since 1987, the European Foundation for Environmental Education is the one that evaluates the state of the beaches in order to award them this flag, which guarantees the best quality for users. They are based on water quality, services and safety.

Well today we are going to show you ten of these great beaches that we have on our coasts, and which receive the Blue Flag every year thanks to the quality of the waters and all that they offer. If you are going on vacation and you do not want unforeseen events, it is always better to choose one of these beaches with the flag, which guarantees good services and a clean environment.

1-Rodes Beach, Galicia

rhodes beach

Rodas beach is located in the famous Cies Islands, opposite Vigo, in southern Galicia. This beach has become one of the most visited since it appeared in The Guardian as the best beach in the world. Without a doubt, it is a beach that seems to have been borrowed from the Caribbean, with soft white sand and clear, but quite cold waters. The protected natural environment makes the visit even more interesting.

2-La Barrosa in Cadiz

the Barrosa

La Barrosa Beach is in Chiclana de la Frontera and has eight kilometers of golden sand to take advantage of the good weather that usually accompanies the south. If the holidays allow it, everyone recommends staying to see the sunsets in the area of ​​the sancti petri castle, silhouetted against the setting sun. A magical moment after a day at the beach.

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This beach is another of those in Galicia, which has many quality sandbanks that receive the blue flag every year. This beach stands out not only for its good service conditions and the quality of the water, but also for the cliffs with particular shapes polished by winds and tides. It must be said that the beach can only be visited at low tide, since at high tide it is completely covered with water.

4-Maspalomas Beach in Gran Canaria


It is one of the most famous beaches in Gran Canaria, for its endless sand dunes, which form a barrier before reaching the beach, so that we find ourselves in a natural and very quiet paradise. In addition, it is the ideal beach to be able to practice nudism, since there is a marked part for it. It is also a very popular place frequented by surfers.

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5-Formentor beach in Majorca


This beach is also known as pi creek, and it’s even a place frequented by some Majorcan celebrities, as it offers all kinds of services, from beach bars to sun loungers and umbrellas. Its waters are typical of the Mediterranean, and it adjoins a barrier of pines and holm oaks that naturally frame the sandy area. Undoubtedly one of those beaches where you can be seen, but very crowded due to its popularity.

6-Berria Beach in Cantabria

Berria Beach

Berria Beach is a natural oasis in the population of santona. It is located between the holm oaks and the marshes of Santoña. One of those beaches that is not only good for sunbathing, but is also a beautiful natural setting to walk in when the weather is not nice, and it is also a popular beach for surfers due to its waves.

7-Lanzada Beach in Pontevedra

The Launch

This beach is located in the province of Pontevedra, in the Rias Baixas. It is one of the best known, with two and a half kilometers of fine golden sand and clean waters, although with the typical Atlantic temperature, which not everyone can enjoy. It is a beach that every summer is full of people and also of athletes who practice kitesurfing or surfing.

8-Cala d’Hort in Ibiza

Cala d'Hort

It is one of the most beautiful beaches and perfect for leisure tourism, enjoying the surroundings. A cove where stones and sand mix, but which is ideal for families, as it offers all kinds of services and everything is nearby. In addition, it offers a beautiful view of the surroundings islets of Vedranell and es Vedrá.

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9-Aguilar Beach in Asturias

Aguilar Beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful in Asturias, to the north, and it is also a special place because there is a legend in her. It is said that whoever manages to take the fairy who lives in the nearby mountain from there to the beach will get a mysterious treasure. But beyond the legends, it is a wonderful beach to enjoy, with services and clean, clear waters.

10-El Médano in Tenerife


Although in Tenerife there are famous beaches such as Los Cristianos, sometimes they are too crowded and we cannot enjoy them so much, so we recommend the beach of El Médano, which has good services, a dark sand typical of Tenerife and clean waters, as well as much more tranquility.

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