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10 DISHES to EAT in Summer in TOKYO

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Summer might not be the best time of year to travel Tokyo as it’s very hot, it’s raining and there’s a lot of humidity but the average person can’t choose when to take a vacation so sometimes we have no other choice.

The good thing is that Tokyo is a city with so many people that the summer exile is barely noticeable and there are plenty of activities to do. Also, the beer here is always cold and there are finger licking summer dishes. Precise!

Restaurants in Tokyo

First it’s time to make some recommendations because the Japanese are special and in Tokyo you have to know how to get around to enjoy it. One may be used to restaurants setting up tables outside and eating and drinking on the sidewalk, under colorful umbrellas, in the sun, people watching. Here, this is not the case.

Tokyo is an overpopulated city so what abounds are the buildings and although it is an earthquake country buildings go up and down. Each usually has a basement so the vast majority of Japanese restaurants are as far as the eye can see. And you have to get used to it. Also, unless the signs outside the building have pictures of what the environments look like as well as the food they serve, we can’t have an idea of ​​what we’ll find…

But the call is precisely that. Not knowing what you will find there but with the certainty that it will be a unique place with good food. Once you try to descend into a few basements or take a few elevators to unfamiliar restaurants, you learn your lesson. It doesn’t matter where the restaurant is!

cold soba

Yes, noodles, cold pasta. It’s a matter of getting used to it. Japanese flavors are exquisite so quickly that you pass the barrier of surprise and enjoy. The buckwheat noodles soba, they are very filling and although they are served all year round in the heat of summer they come from wonders.

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They don’t provide a lot of carbs, they contain a lot of vitamin B and stamina. The bowl of soba is served with a cold sauce accompanied by finely sliced ​​onions and of course, a touch of green and spicy wasabi.


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10 DISHES to EAT in Summer in TOKYO

Summer might not be the best time of year to travel Tokyo as it's very hot, it's raining and there's Read more

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It can be seen everywhere, it is eaten quickly, it is always repeated. This is a type of ice cream made from shaved ice topped with sweet sauce which is usually served with plain ice cream or sweet red beans. It’s super refreshing even if the grains seem strange to us…

Hiyashi Tchouka

nothing better than a salad for the summer and more or less that’s what it’s all about. Even though has noodles, in the best Japanese style. The noodles are cold and served with lots of vegetables colored. The idea is that the plate is the closest thing to a rainbow, you know, the more colors, the more vitamins.

So there is carrots, cucumber, red ginger and even chicken meat. It is then seasoned with vinegar and soy sauce.

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To help

This dish is worth it just to approach the stall and take a picture of its cooking technique. It’s so picturesque! You see it a lot at festivals and it’s typical of summer: freshwater fish with a mild flavor and texture, are called to help, grilled: they are nailed to sticks and placed in a circle.

The ayu are similar to carp, they swim against the current like trout and are very popular in Japan because they are considered courageous.


Since the Edo period, as Tokyo was once called, this dish has been the undisputed king of summer. It is a dish rich in vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids, so a sandwich is an energy bomb.

The most popular way to serve it is Kabayaki, steamed eel with sweet soy sauce on a Japanese rice mat. Hmmm…

King Shabu

It’s a dish with pork. Once the pork is cooked, it is placed in cold water and served with julienned carrots, green beans and sauce. They serve you a tray with several bowls, the big one with the pork cut into bite-sized pieces on a bed of vegetables, some sour pickles in another smaller bowl and two small containers with sauces.

a little cold

They are called somen very thin noodles… They are cooked in the blink of an eye and in the summer they are part of a Cold soup which may have other extras. There are places where ice cubes are even added. Something to ward off the suffocating humidity of Tokyo.


Goya? Yes, it is the name of a fruit, a kind of melon According to Chinese medicine, it brings a lot of energy because it is rich in vitamins A and C and antioxidants. The Japanese way of displaying food is extremely alluring, so you’ll often see it there. But he has a surprise…

It’s bitter! It’s not about honeydew, nectar and other things. If you go to Okinawa, a classic summer destination in Japan, you’ll end up trying it because it’s so popular. It is part of the goya shampooa dish with fried tofu, eggs and pork.



I went to Japan in winter and the truth is that I never wanted to eat suhi when it was cold, but in summer it is another story. If you decide to visit the popular and now tourist Tsukiji Market you can go for sushi at Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi. There are always customers but the wait is worth it. The sushi is super fresh.

Waku Tonkatsu

Delicious. He is panko breaded pork, Japanese breadcrumbs, thick and fried. Very crispy, very tasty. In general served with white rice and plain and lots of shredded cabbage, pickles and miso soup. All on a tray, Japanese style.

You can order pork tenderloin, location-katsu or rosu-hatsu, meat from the tail or back of the animal. The second is juicier, with more streaks of fat. In this case, what you need to know is that depending on the cut the flavor varies although, fortunately for those of us who don’t understand Japanese or understand very little of it, all varieties are delicious. There are many restaurants that specialize in waku tonkatsu. In Shunjuku, try Inaba Wako, inside Takashimaya, in the hands of Tokyu.

These dishes are exquisite, simple, popular and cheap. One last tip: as in many cities around the world the lunch menu is cheaper than dinner so if you like a restaurant try to go there at noon. I had lunch at spectacular places, movies, for 1000 yen, about 10 dollars.

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